Jun 25, 2011

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Well i don't even know how to begin, other than the days leading upto the wedding I was totally exhausted.  The hall set up, rehersal, and rehearsal dinner all went smooth, but it was all so much happening at once that I was totally drained by the end of the day.  I did manage to get a good night sleep, but woke up feeling totally exhausted and almost sick, and with my monthly visitor that was NOT expected, despite just having it two weeks before and being on the pill.  JUST GOES TO SHOW WHAT STRESS CAN DO!

The weather was also SUPER iffy, my photographer texted me a pic from the ceremony site at 8am in the morning showing torential rain!  But THANKFULLY the rain cleared up at 9am, and by 2pm the weather was gorgeous!  Sunny with some clouds and nice and warm and everything was dry! It was a freakin' miracle I tell you!

The salon appointments went great.  I decided to wear my hair down instead of up which i'm very pleased i made that decision!  We were pretty much right on time for everything, except when we got to the gardens, my dress took ALOT longer to steam than I expected, and we started the ceremony about 15 minutes late.  

The ceremony was like a dream, Brady started balling the minute he saw me and continued to cry throughout the entire ceremony, and for most of the day! LOL I was losing it when I was walking down the aisle and saying my vows, but managed to hold it together pretty good (no ugly face cry!)  And my Dad did much better than expected too, he still cried, but he didn't sob as we were expecting!

Apparently after we were declared Husband and Wife a monarch butterfly flew right in between us and followed us to the marriage licence.  Then as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife, Eagles started screeching!  I didn't catch any of this but it was all the guests could talk about.

Pictures went really well in the gardens, we then went to Qualicum Beach to grab a bite to eat and do some more photos. Then we rushed back to Port Alberni, and picked up my dog from my parents place so we could get a few photos with our little beany! This made us about 45 mins late to the reception.

As soon as we got to the reception we started dinner right away since we were so late.  We even forgot to get the minister to say grace!  OOPS! Everything after that went really smooth. Not a single hitch, the speeches were great, the dance lessons really paid off.  My Jimmy Choo shoes got TOTALLY TRASHED, so now i'm on the hunt for a good shoe repair place.   

It was a really perfect day, I couldn't ask for a more perfect day.  I"m still on cloud nine and i'm so happy to be a Mrs. married to my Mr. Right!

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YAY My first shower is on April 30th!  FAIL (ha ha future aunt in law) is throwing a shower for me!  I just picked up this dress from Winners to wear.  I wanted something fun and bright.  I was thinking of going for white but I figured I could wear this again!




I picked up this dress for my May 14th Bachelorette Party, from BEYOND THE RACK, I'm not sure if i'll wear it though depending on what kind of activities my Bridesmaids have planned for me.  If i don't wear it to the Bachelorette I think it will make a great dress for work.



Some photos from the Bachelorette

My Cousin is also throwing me a shower on May 22nd so now I need to find a dress for that... Hum... what to do for this one?


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This took along time to figure out but we are really happy with idea.

We are giving our guests 5 Anemone bulbs each, that they can plant in their garden.  I'll also include planting and care instructions on a little card.  

Anemones are our signature flower and they bloom in late spring (early June) usually in our wedding month.  So we thought what better way to say thank you to our guests and remind them of the good times they had at our wedding then to give them flowers that will come back in their garden every year.

I ordered the bulbs from they are a supplier based out of Holland and offers free shipping to the United States, although it does take three weeks.  Well I don't live in the US, so I had to use BONGO to get a US shipping address.  

I just ordered them recently, i'll update my bio once i've received them.  I'm expecting them by the end of April.

This is what the flowers will look like when they bloom.

THE FAVORS photo 1

The next step will be deciding how to package them.  Favor Boxes?  Wrapped in Tulle / Cellophane?  I'll keep you ladies posted.

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It tasted AMAZING!


Our wedding cake is being made by "Cakes by Barb" of Port Alberni.  Barb has been making wedding cakes since before I was even born.  Its amazing what she does out of her home and her prices are fantastic.

We are getting a MONSTROSITY of a cake.  Its going to take SEVEN separate layers of cake to make this look, but It will be well worth it, and there will be lots of left-overs for the gift opening!

  • Its a chocolate / vanilla marble cake with alternating layers of bavarian cream and whipped chocolate filling, with a butter cream icing, with fondant on the top.
  • The "tall" tier will have silver piping inspired by our monogram and flourishes on our invitations.
  • The bottom tier will have our monogram piped in silver.
  • The ribbons on the cake will be exactly the same as pictured, colour and everything
  • She is also putting a purple flower on the cake similar to the one pictured
  • She is supplying a cake stand similar to the one pictured, except she is going to put purple flowers around the base.
THE CAKE photo 1
Cake Topper, purchased from Barb is also going to paint the bride's hair brown to reflect us as a couple better.  
THE CAKE photo 2


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FI's ring is a custom made Platinum and 18 karat yellow gold Tiffany replica.

THE RINGS photo 1

It took a really long time for me to figure out what I wanted for my ring.  As I work in the jewellery industry I see rings all the time and therefore was very very very very picky!  Well I finally made a decision with my Fi and My ring is also being custom made by the same jeweller that is making FI's.  It is an eternity band in platinum with round brilliant diamonds, and milgrain edging, 2.5mm wide.  My ring will be solid on the inside (no holes) so that we can do engraving.   (My ring will not have the engraving shown in this picture, but this was the picture the jeweller used as a reference)

THE RINGS photo 2THE RINGS photo 3
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FI will wore a black tuxedo from BLACK & LEE

His jacket and pants were the same as the groomsmen, two-button, satin lapel.  Black Vest and Black Bowtie. Pocket square and shirt were ivory.