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We met in Victoria, BC through mutual friends Michael and Patrick.

I was attending UVic as a student of the Theatre Department. Mike and Pat were classmates and over the course of first year we became friends. At the end of first year university in 2003, another theatre student was having a birthday.  Mike and Pat decided to bring their good friend Brady along, for the party.

The moment I saw Brady, I told my girlfriend "He's Mine!" Brady and I spent the evening chatting, getting to know eachother. I had asked Brady if he was available, and very nicely he declined as at the time Brady was in a relationship. Unsure if we'd ever meet again, at the end of the night I said goodbye, in hopes that we had at least formed a friendship, since he was such a nice, sincere and fun-loving guy.

We didn't see eachother for the entire summer. September 2003 came around and it was Pat's birthday. Pat offered to pick me and my friend up to take us downtown for dinner at Milestone's. To my surprise and delight Brady was the driver and he had come along for the party. The best part of course was that he was available! We spent the night, talking, flirting and dancing, you couldn't tear us apart. It was Love!

A week or so later, Pat invited me and my friend over to his house to watch a movie, and lo-and-behold Brady was there! Pat sat me right next to Brady, and turned off the lights for the horror movie. I took every chance I had to snuggle closer to Brady as the movie got scarier! Brady drove me home later that night, and asked for my phone number. I didn't have a pen or paper on me so I told him that Mike and Pat would have my number.

Another week or so went by and no word from Brady. Apparantly Mike and Pat didn't have my phone number. Brady finally managed to get my phone number from one of my friends and called me the next day at 7:30am to ask me out on a date!

After about a month or so of dates we became exclusive on October 4th, 2003. Unfortunatly, Brady had to move back to Vancouver at the beginning of Decemeber 2003. And so starts the long distance part of our relationship. Seeing eachother every second week, we stayed together for two years before we just couldn't take it anymore and Brady moved back down to Victoria to be with me in 2005. We then moved to Vancouver, BC after I got offered a job promotion in 2008.

And the rest is history! 


PROPOSAL STORY - Written from Fiance's Perspective

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It happened on Stacey's 25th birthday, July 27th, 2009.

The day started off with Stacey leaving for work. She had been working really hard and was looking forward to a nice romantic birthday evening when she got off work.

It's tradition for me to get Stacey a boquet of flowers and make her an origami birthday card. When she got home and opened the door, none of these things were there. I then took her out for dinner at Milestones, the restaurant chain where we fell in love. It was a nice romantic dinner.

I then took her to Stanley park for a nice walk along the waterfront with our dog Bean. We enjoyed the walk in the sunset. Stacey kept eyeing me hoping that there was some sort of birthday gift to come. She had started asking me if I had gotten her a cake, or a card, and I didn't answer.

We proceeded to go home, and picked up a birthday cake of her choosing. When we got home, Stacey was down right upset. She was so upset that I hadn't gotten her anything for her birthday. She went to bed and was pouting like crazy. I had to cox her out of the bedroom. I finally told her that she did have a birthday surprise, and that I wasn't able to sneak it out of the house. She then looked around the room, and said "what?! where?! I don't see anything, your just kidding, trying to make me feel better!" I then went into the bedroom and called in our dog Bean. From the living room I hear Stacey exclaim "Your just going to put those christmas antlers on his head aren't you, that's not gonna make me feel any better!"

I slipped the ring on Bean's collar and sent him out to Stacey. He jumped on the couch and sat up beside her. She started petting him and just stared at me blankly. I told the dog to give her a kiss and when he did she saw the sparkling ring on his collar.

"YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT!.... REALLY!?" I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I barley got the words out before she jumped up screaming and crying "YES YES OF COURSE YES! REALLY?! YES!"

As we have been dating for so long, had I pulled out all the stops she would have expected something, ruining the surprise. I love surprising her, as she loves them so and because she loves them it makes it that much harder to surprise her.