Feb 21, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Michael is an amazing person to work with and it shows from the moment he meets you to the day you get the email with "your photos are available!" Michael has a way of finding all of the most heartfelt, genuine moments of a day and capturing them absolutely beautifully. Let's face it--every wedding photographer can line up a wedding party and take relatively beautiful pictures of everyone dressed in their best and grinning ear to ear. Michael is no exception; these all looked great. But the difference comes in the little things we noticed in the photos of moments that we had completely missed at the wedding--my mom wiping a tear from her eye, a groomsman tying his shoe before his march up the aisle, the look of sheer joy when we took that first bite of cake from each other's hands, the little girl twirling to her heart's content on the dance floor. These photos are the ones we love and the ones that will most help us really remember what our day was like. Some major pros: low light or alternative wedding locations (ours was in a hotel with no windows in the middle of February) are not a problem, the pictures turned out beautifully. Michael took the time to really get to know us before the wedding--by listening to us, not just talking to us--so that by the time wedding day rolled around, he knew exactly the type of wedding we had planned and exactly what we were looking for in our photos. He never tried to make us look like something we weren't or create artificial "moments", but just focused on capturing the beauty (and craziness, and excitement, and everything else) of the day that was already there. The results were perfect. We had a great time getting to know him throughout the wedding planning process, and we were kind of wishing he would stay for the end of the reception after the photos were over, just to hang out! Five stars from us, no question.
Services used: Photography

Revel Video
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I weren't sure we wanted a videographer--it seemed redundant after paying a photographer, and we were on a fairly tight budget. But I met J. at a wedding expo (not particularly looking for a videographer, either) and after checking out the website and examples of edited footage, realized that the video really captures the spirit of the day in a way no picture, favor, program, or souvenir ever can. J. was very accommodating and helpful every step of the process--we did a lot by phone and email, since our wedding was in Boston. By really listening to what we wanted--and more importantly, what we didn't want--J. made sure we would be happy with the finished product. On the day of the wedding, most of the time we didn't even realize J. was there, by being unobtrusive but managing to be at all the right places for all the right moments. I've been to many weddings where the videographer was front and center and blocked everyone's view of what was going on. Not the case with J.-- I doubt any of our guests remember whether we had a videographer at all! (That sounds terrible, but it's how it should be--by being so unobtrusive, J. was able to make sure the guests were focusing on the wedding, not on a video camera or videographer in the way.) Overall 5 stars, no regrets, and very thankful we ran across each other at the wedding expo when we did!
Services used: Unique Services

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I were very low-key wedding planners who weren't interested in all the frills that always seem to come with a "hotel package". We only wanted a few things in a reception site: close enough to Boston for out of town guests to be able to enjoy the visit, easy to get around, affordable to stay overnight, and comfortable and easy people to work with. After a few visits to other hotels around the area, the Marriott was the hands-down winner. They made the planning part easy, seemed to care about who we were and what we actually wanted instead of fitting us in a cookie cutter "one wedding fits all" category. We liked them so much for the reception planning that we ended up having our rehearsal dinner in the bar downstairs, the ceremony in an adjoining ballroom, and the Sunday brunch the next day there too. We also had the unfortunate circumstance of having to reschedule the wedding the week before, when a family illness threw a wrench into our months and months of plans. The Marriott could not have been more understanding or accommodating--when we told our friends, no one could believe our hotel had been so kind-hearted in helping us out when everything else seemed to be going wrong. And one special person we will always remember is Jen Wanamaker, who took it upon herself to make it as easy on us as possible, from meeting with us on Saturdays and weeknights so we wouldn't have to miss work, to walking us through every step and finding every possible way to work the budget and timing around so it was perfect for what we wanted and could afford. After the wedding, the one comment we keep hearing from our guests is that the wedding was so convenient for everyone--on the T, one-stop shop (no hustling from ceremony to reception to overnight hotel), good food that was flexible enough to accommodate all the dietary restrictions and requests for the meal, and a wonderful place to spend the weekend. The rooms were affordable enough that we didn't feel like we were overly burdening out of town guests who had to pay for travel and accommodations but still nice enough (and with amazing views!) that no one felt like we were skimping on the details. I only wish I could give this hotel 6 stars.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner