May 22, 2010

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Silk flowers for centerpieces:

Custom caketopper: from etsy seller Blessed Lessons (she was a real treat to work with)

Vendors handy links photo 1Vendors handy links photo 2

Clutches for MOH & MOB: from ebay seller j.accessoriesandhandbags

Vendors handy links photo 3

Vendors handy links photo 4


Vendors handy links photo 5Vendors handy links photo 6

Pink ostrich feathers for my bouquet & centerpieces: from ebay seller unicorn0170

Vendors handy links photo 7

Brooch (for shoes & bouquet)
: from ebay seller damchopema

Vendors handy links photo 8

Make-up tutorials by the amazing Kandee Johnson


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HAIR inspiration

Inspirations photo 1Inspirations photo 2Inspirations photo 3Inspirations photo 4

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Our fur baby photo 1

FI with our little fur baby (mimzi). I rescued her from a shelter 2years ago and she's a chihuahua/dashund mix and is absolutly inlove with FI :)

Our fur baby photo 2Our fur baby photo 3


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DIY'ed my monogram, using photoshop ps2. Took me about 5 minutes...

Our monogram invites photo 1


I'm going to take pictures of the lasting invites this weekend. I forgot to take pics of the invites after they were all done. can you believe that? Ugh! We completly DIY'ed our invites too.


So I finally took pictures of the invites:

Our monogram invites photo 2

Our monogram invites photo 3


Now to DIY the escort cards, place cards & programs.

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Me and my sister (MOH) blinged out my shoes :)

I wanted the magenta Paris Hilton shoes, but they are completly sold out in my size :(

DIY photo 1DIY photo 2


So this is my diy attempt, what do you think?? We used hotfix rhinestones and the appliance that we already had at home :D
I think I'm still going to put a brooch on top of the shoes.


DIY photo 3DIY photo 4

DIY photo 5DIY photo 6

DIY photo 7DIY photo 8

DIY photo 9DIY photo 10

DIY photo 11DIY photo 12


UPDATE: Pics of the shoes with the brooches :)

DIY photo 13DIY photo 14

DIY photo 15DIY photo 16


On the day off:


DIY photo 17




DIY photo 18DIY photo 19

DIY photo 20 

Sorry for the odd colours :S They are less red-ish and more pink then in these pictures...


On the day off:

DIY photo 21DIY photo 22




We made these on a grey Sunday morning, and I love how they turned out...

DIY photo 23DIY photo 24

DIY photo 25


more pics to come of the finished pieces.

We made 2 big white onces, 2 smaller pink onces and a mixed pink/white one.