Jun 19, 2010

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Married photo 1Married photo 2

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I'm using this for my Thank you! So proud of it

DIY photo 1


My Dress!!!


DIY photo 2DIY photo 3DIY photo 4DIY photo 5

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So the process begins....

I met my FI about 2 1/2 years ago and we have never left eachothers side. We got engaged July 14th my birthday 2009 in Mexico and he did such a great job! He took the whole day to set up a wonderful proposel. We started the day with breakfast and then we got couples massage in the spa...which was AWESOME! To top it off he set up a dinner on the beach at sunset, it was great. Towards the end of the night we were ready to go to bed and on the balcony he did it @ 11pm ( I told him he wasnt allowed to do it on my b-day)It was the best night of my life!

We are getting married in Rockland County New York. We couldnt be any happier!!


 The Start photo 1 


My Dress a Demetrios..not a great pic, but hopefully as soon as I get my dress you will see how Perty it is.

The Start photo 2


 BTW Without the jacket.

My ideas on my shoes will def. be purple The Start photo 3

My Bridesmaids will wear Bill Levkoff in Plum.


The Start photo 4

My Jewelry for them will be my gifts to them

The Start photo 5      The Start photo 6

With some silver shoes    The Start photo 7


Some Ideas on my flowers                                  Mine hopefully

The Start photo 8                 The Start photo 9

For my hair I like it to be very natural and down with some soft curls and then to add some clips to brighten it up alittle.

The Start photo 10The Start photo 11

I got the clips& bracelet @ whiteaisle.comThe Start photo 12The Start photo 13



Here are my Save the Dates I love them and they are soo us

The Start photo 14 More to come!