Jul 03, 2010

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Ceremony/Reception Site: Hartley Botanica

Caterer: Command Performance

Photographer: Sun-Dance Photography

Flowers: Belle of the Ball Designs

DJ: Scratch Events (still in the works but pretty darn likely)

Dress: Amy Kuschel

Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew (most likely)--Juliet in Black Plum



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I think I initially ruined part of this process for my fiance--he had dreams of the ring being a surprise and the proposal a carefully planned out affair where I end up gasping and possibly fainting, like in a movie. I don't work that way. I like to plan, plan, plan. At the time, we had been dating for...8 years? 9? I've lost count. And my aunt had given us my grandmother's diamond from her engagement ring. So we decided that instead of him trying to figure out what I wanted, we would go to a jeweler and design one together. He compromised (good man). We found a jeweler that we wanted to use, and designed the ring. All I saw was the sketch. Months and months passed. I kept wondering when on earth my ring would be ready. I tried not to ask (and several times promised I would stop asking), until one day I asked again and he said, "Well, I called again recently and I was told the jeweler went on vacation. He may not be back for awhile." "Oh," I responded. I decided that I should really stop asking this time since it seemed like it would be awhile longer.

Fast forward a bit to college football season...

I'm a bit of a fanatic with college football. I either like to go to the games and sit in the alumni section (which is still rowdy and fun, but not as crazy as the student section--I'm too old for that anymore) or watch it at home and cheer really really loudly! It was a rainy day in November, and I was tired from a long week at work. I wanted to snuggle up and stay home with my fiance and watch the game. However, I had made plans with my friends way back when to go out. And he had gotten called in to work last minute (on a Saturday...pish!). I got ready to go out, complaining the whole time. My friends called me to let me know that they were downstairs; my ring tone had changed, which I thought was weird, but didn't bother to figure out why at the time. We went to get ice cream (on a rainy day...pish again!). Well, the ice cream place is near this consignment store that I like, so I dragged my friends there after our creamy treats. We shopped around a bit, but they didn't seem too into it. Eventually, we got back into the car, only to find out that my friends wanted to stop by a chocolate shop nearby. I was fine with that; I settled into my seat in the back and checked the scores on my phone.

The next time I looked up, we had stopped, but not in front of the chocolate shop. Rather, we were in front of a movie theater. I thought they were lost. They suddenly turned to me and told me that we were on a scavenger hunt. I had to find something on my phone. They were grinning from ear to ear. Suddenly, it started to dawn on me that THIS WAS IT! It all became some what hazy after this. I remember finding a video on my phone. My friend handed me some headphones so that I could listen privately. My fiance told me on the video that we would be stopping at several locations and that I would have more videos to watch. Each location he chose had some significance. This location represented our first date at the movies. The next location was our university, where we met. The last location was a rose garden where we would walk to and have many long talks. Then I was told to get out of the car.

There he was, waiting for me with flowers and a book he made. We walked down to the garden. It was drizzly, foggy, and cold, but I didn't care. The whole proposal and his speech was a blur--I honestly don't remember much! But when I saw him fishing in his pocket for me ring...oh dear...when he popped open that box, all I could say was, "It's so pretty! It's so pretty!" This was before I even accepted!! :D

He did such a good job. It was the most romantic thing ever, and I will always remember that day. I'm so proud of him! :) He told me later all the things about the day that made him nervous. The first was me hearing my phone ring and the ring tone being different. He was so afraid I'd start fishing around my phone and find those videos! The second was us taking forever to get started because I wanted to go shopping. I guess while I was trying on clothes, he and my friend were frantically whispering on the phone figuring out how to get me in the car and out of the store. And the last was his worry that it would be dark by the time we made it to the garden. Luckily, everything worked out and now we are in the midst of planning our special day.