Nov 21, 2009

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******PRIVACY: I recently made most of my pages private, so if you'd like to see my planning process please send me a request and I'd be happy to add you!

Well, it all started Super Bowl Sunday 2006. My friend was having a party and one of my sister's friends came over with my now fiance, Matt, and another friend of hers, Jayson (which is actually my sister's husband now!). It so happens that my sister knew my fiance, Matt, from church when she was in high school. And Jayson from high school. From the moment I met Matt I knew I had to get to know him. I was really shy and couldn't get myself to talk to him. We were all drinking and having a good time when my friend Janine asked Matt "Truth or Dare?" He of course said dare. And she dared him to kiss me! Before I could even react his lips were on mine. Needless to say after that we were pretty much all over eachother that night. Neither of us were looking for anything serious so we actually tried to avoid eachother for the next weeks to come. However, my sister and Jayson kept on trying to set us up. So they would invite Matt out with us every weekend! We got to know eachother and really hit it off. He says he fell for me hard and I could tell. Even before officially being a couple he got me 100 red roses for Valentines Day! It was so cute when he actually asked me out. We had just gone to Disneyland and we were sitting on my bed talking and out of nowhere he asked me if I would be his girlfriend! I didn't even have to think twice, I said yes :)

Fast forward to 3 years later

After living together for about 2-1/2 years, Matt proposed to me on what I thought was a random Thursday night. Later that night it donned on me that it was our 3 year anniversary! We usually combine V-day and our anniversary since they're only 5 days apart. The ring was pretty much burning a hole in his pocket! He got it that day after selling his really nice electric guitar which he named Avalon. The second I got home he picked me up and took me into our room, he sat me down on the bed and pulled out the ring and asked me if I would spend the rest of my life with him as his wife. Well, you know what my answer was!

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I was inspired by a post on by Mrs. Eggplant. She helped create the invitations for a friend of hers.

DIY Projects photo 1DIY Projects photo 2

My FMIL designed my invites. We will be using Stardream 105lb cover in Ruby for the outside. And the actual invite will be glued onto Alpine Aster Metallic 80lb text (its a lavender color) and that will be glued to the right right like my inspiration invite! They will be secured with a lavender ribbon and my custom monogram which she also created! I will post pics as soon as I have them. We are also doing an RSVP Postcard which I'm really excited about!

The invites are finished!

DIY Projects photo 3DIY Projects photo 4

DIY Projects photo 5DIY Projects photo 6

Place Cards

I have decided to use rainbow lollipops for our place cards with light purple ribbons. FI will be making a shallow box and spray painting it dark purple. Here is the finished product

DIY Projects photo 7  DIY Projects photo 8

Guest Sign-in Book & Table

I have decided to use a small manzanita tree at my guest sign-in table which I'll be hanging crystals from and a few flowers. I'm ordering the book tomorrow!

I made our Guest Sign-in book with our engagement pictures using MyPublisher. River rocks purchased from The Dollar Tree, Manzanita Branches from, crystals from, vase from Ikea.

Inspiration:                                                                     Reality:

DIY Projects photo 9  DIY Projects photo 10

Hair Flower

I have decided to not wear a veil. I tried on soooo many at numerous bridal boutiques and I just wasn't feelin it. I even tried on some birdcage veils which at first I thought I wanted. Now, I have decided to just wear a simple handmade flower in my hair. Here is my first attempt...

DIY Projects photo 11

Flower and feathers from Michael's, center is actually a button from a pillow of mine! I need to take it apart and make another one though. When I bought the supplies it didn't occur to me that I was purchasing a white flower and my dress is ivory! I put it up to the dress, and it sooo doesn't go!

Update 10/21/09: I made another hair flower over the weekend. I used an ivory flower this time and different feathers. Its so much better than the first one, I love it! I'll post pictures as sooon as I can!

And here it is! Hair flower #2....

DIY Projects photo 12