May 01, 2015

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Save the Date: Semi DIY

Paper Items photo 1

Free business cards from  (I attached magnets to the back)

Paper Items photo 2Paper Items photo 3

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Thank you to Sparkle060509 for my cake inspiration (first photo):

The Cake photo 1The Cake photo 2

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First photo is where our reception is to take place, but the second photo is the ballroom at our venue, and if it opens up our reception will move there:

Reception Decor photo 1Reception Decor photo 2

Reception Decor photo 3Reception Decor photo 4Reception Decor photo 5

Reception Decor photo 6Reception Decor photo 7Reception Decor photo 8

Reception Decor photo 9Reception Decor photo 10Reception Decor photo 11Reception Decor photo 12

Reception Decor photo 13Reception Decor photo 14Reception Decor photo 15


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DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards:

Bridesmaids photo 1Bridesmaids photo 2

Will You be my Bridesmaid Poems:

You have always been there, more than just a friend.
You know just who I am and everywhere I've been.

You're the one who I can turn to, any hour of the day.
Seems, I only have to think of you and you'll be on your way.

No matter where life takes me, no matter where I roam.
When I'm with you my friend, my heart feels right at home.

So on my wedding day, I will need you more than ever.
Please say you'll be my bridesmaid now.... and my friend forever


The day, the dress
The Bride, the Groom
The Joy the tears will all come soon

Professing true love to my husband-to-be
With family and friends all watching me
Pray the sun will be shining down
and that i will fit into my gown

Now there is just one more thing that is left to be and thats to have you standing with me...

Will you be my bridesmaid?


The day that I marry, our families will blend,
you'll be my sister and also my friend.

It's so very special to know you will be,
a part of this day, a bridesmaid for me.

It's just the beginning, of our brand new life,
as Greg and I, become man and wife.

 Bridesmaids photo 3


The Bridesmaids dresses will be from the Dessy Group, in Champagne colored Matte Satin (actual color called Palomino). They will be floor length and I will be having the girls chose the top that suits their figure the best - but all different. Here is what I had in mind:

Bridesmaids photo 4Bridesmaids photo 5

Bridesmaids photo 6Bridesmaids photo 7

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Floral Inspiration photo 1Floral Inspiration photo 2Floral Inspiration photo 3

Floral Inspiration photo 4Floral Inspiration photo 5

Floral Inspiration photo 6Floral Inspiration photo 7Floral Inspiration photo 8

*Thanks to Kohler44, my friend Desiree and JDS Photography for bridesmaid bouquet inspiration

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White, Champagne, and Ivory

Color Scheme photo 1Color Scheme photo 2Color Scheme photo 3

Our wedding will be elegant, traditional, with some trendy accents and everything satin!