Jul 13, 2013

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Photographer is booked and I adore her!  Please see and check her out.  She is really a doll and clearly just loves love and I can really appreciate that sentiment.  This was the most intimate of all the vendors and needed to be a perfect fit.  I really cound not be happier.

Stay tuned for engagement pix to come 8/12/2012!!!

Picture Perfect xo photo 1



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We finally booked our venue! We are getting married at the Croatian American Cultural Center on 7/13/2013! I am so excited to have a set date and actually be making official plans.  I love the venue.  We attended a wedding there maybe 3 years ago now but I recalled that it was quite pretty and when we came down to the real decison time my FI loved the idea and felt comfortable that we had been there before and enjoyed our time as guests. We are sure we will enjoy our time even more this time around.

We booked our venue photo 1 We booked our venue photo 2 We booked our venue photo 3

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After months and months of waiting WE GOT OUR HOME!!!!!  Searching for a home has been so exhausting and stressful and just when I thought " OK, I can't take the disappointment any longer"...we got the call we had been waiting for. One of the first homes that we put an offer on got back to us.  We had just assumed that we did not have a chance but WE GOT IT!  I love this new house and come December we have a home to call our own.  We could not be happier. xoxo

Extra bonus: nice dining room area space for all the new DIY projects I have dreamed up!!!!


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COLORS...So, I love purple, obviously.  It was my grandmothers favorite color and when I was young I stole it from her.  It was our little joke.  She is no longer with us but I feel like by incorporating it into my wedding she is helping with the planning process.****

I know I am only supposed to be focusing on us buying our home but I can have a little fun, right? So this is the direction I am going in. Joe (the future hubby) is cool with the purple but nooooot loving the pink.  I think he will come around.  Who doesnt love pink? 

Oh, please let me know if I owe you credit.  I am new at this...

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Sooooo, on September 3, 2010 my longtime boyfriend, Joe, dropped to one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  We have been together for what feels like a lifetime and after being through so much together (the good, the bad, the ugly) we made it to this point together.  I am so excited to become a wife and step-mom to two of the most beautiful kiddies on the earth.  We are planning a long-ish engagement being that we are in the process of buying our first home together!!!!  This is a good thing...I will have plenty of time to plan our perfect day.  More to come!!!!!