May 01, 2010

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Ceremony is  going to be an outdoor and reception indoor at a country club..too bad that we could not be on the golfcourse itself...It's going to on a small square area of grass ..enough to fit 50-80 ppl where they can stand and listen to a 15-20 minute Ceremony. i am imagining a simple, intimate and fun garden feel.

I am currently looking at a canopy for rent and use it as a focal point..Another option is to use the tree that is currently on site as a main focal point.  I might be able to add intrest to the tree by hanging objects like flowers or clear beads ect . A row of flower petals laid on grass can be the ceremony path. I bought some green moss butterflies from micheals. they can be layed out on the ground, tree or arch as another detail to give more intrest.

i guess i am leaning towards a garden theme.

My bridesmaid dresses has huge blue teal flowers prints on them..Parasol and fan will be available. i was hoping that those items would be functional and great as a picture backdrop.  

 hmm cross my fingers..i hope they look decent's hard to get everything seperately and hoping they will go together.

Ceremony photo 1


Ceremony photo 2 

 Ceremony photo 3

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My DIY Wedding Budget photo 1My DIY Wedding Budget photo 2My DIY Wedding Budget photo 3

I admire how other brides can keep there budget under $10.000 . TWO THUMBS UP!!! Girls please let me know where u find great deal to decorate your fabulous wedding...


Budget: $20,000

Guests: 100


2 photographer                      $1750

DJ (5 hours)                          $ 690

Dj Tip                                   $ 100

Stationary                             $250

Postage                                $104

Table Cylinder vase set           $ 200

Cake                                    $ 200

Cake Topper                          $  35

wedding flute                         $  75

Bride's dress                          $ 275

Brides' cocktail dress               $ 800

Brid Veil, hair pc and Gloves      $ 200

Brides's Make-up                    $   50

Hair Stylist                            $   75

Groom's clothing & shoes         $1150

Bridemaid &Groom's men Gift     $ 400

Couple ring                           $  975   

Favours                                $ 250

wedding decorations               $ 500

wedding flowers                     $ 650

Rent arc                               $ 120

Rent Ceremony area               $  500

Rent the Country Club             $8500

Include alcohol, reception appetizers, buffet dinner, usage of the space

graditude + Tax                     $2000

Marriage license                     $   92