Jul 04, 2010

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My Something Borrowed was a VS Strapless bra - nude - I forgot my designer strapless bra at home (1000miles away) and had to borrow DHC's bra!

My Something Blue was a pair of silver clip on earrings that had pearls and blue rhinestones that I hot glued together to form a broach on my bouquet.

My Something Old was my hair pins I purchased from another Bride, also the clip on earrings were approx 50-60 years old!

My Something New was my Veil.....oh how I love(d) my veil!

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Dear Self:

It doesn't matter that you DH will break his nose two days before the wedding, and it doesn't matter that he has to have 20 stitches across his forehead... you're pictures will be fine...

You shouldn't have spent so much on wedding photos!!

Your bustle will rip during you're first dance - just smile and do the best with what you got!

Pick BM who actually want to help and be apart of your day not that want free stuff

Dont pay to get the families hair and makeup done - they wont appriciate it one bit

Rent Linens - dont buy - reselling is hard & you dont have the time for it...

Dont let it bother you if someone says "i had to make an executive decision, and that the way it's going to be for the wedding, I dont care what she says" BECAUSE remember - this is your wedding and its about celebrating you're DH & you joining your lives together.

Other than that - you will have a beautiful wedding and it will be everything you had hoped for! Have fun going through, sorting, copying, sending out 6k photos!

Oh, and Fire your DOC! She wont do ANYTHING!


Love - yourself!

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Some of you ladies asked to see more so here they are!!

                  Last but not Least!

A few last Wedding Day Pro Pix from our 4th of July Wedding!

Pro Pix Part II photo 1Pro Pix Part II photo 2Pro Pix Part II photo 3Pro Pix Part II photo 4Pro Pix Part II photo 5Pro Pix Part II photo 6Pro Pix Part II photo 7Pro Pix Part II photo 8Pro Pix Part II photo 9Pro Pix Part II photo 10Pro Pix Part II photo 11

Pro Pix Part II photo 12

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08/02/2010 at 12:20 pm

Hi Ladies - I got the all image disk so here are some more pro pix of our Wedding! Looking at the photos, I really miss my wedding.

The best advice I got was to - Just be in the moment, All day. Take in Everything because it will all happen so fast....and she was right!

I still can't believe I'm a MRS!


Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 1Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 2

Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 3Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 4Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 5

Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 6Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 7Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 8Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 9Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 10Pro Pix Wedding Day photo 11

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Centerpieces Flowers photo 1

Centerpieces Flowers photo 2

Centerpieces Flowers photo 3<-Purchased from another PW Bride :-)


Centerpiece Vases

Centerpieces Flowers photo 4


Centerpieces Flowers photo 5<-- My Bouquet

Centerpieces Flowers photo 6<-- BM Bouquets (DIY Handtied)