Apr 30, 2011

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We will be getting married at a desert preserve in Las Vegas.  I love that its so unique and beautiful.  It was actually my fiance's idea to have the wedding there, so its nice because he feels like he contributed!!


Our ceremony will take place at the garden's arboretum under the gazebo:


The Venue photo 1



Our cocktail hour will be in cactus alley.  There is a giant watering can that opens up into the bar!:The Venue photo 2The Venue photo 3




Our reception will happen under the stars in the gardens plaza.  The best part is that you can see a perfect panoramic view of the strip lit up at night, which adds the right touch of "vegas" to the wedding!:

The Venue photo 4The Venue photo 5

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Being veterinary students, we of course have lots of animals!

This is Grady, our 7 year old Norwich Terrier. 

Our Fur Babies photo 1



He was Harry Potter for halloween one year:

Our Fur Babies photo 2

This is Greta, our 1 year old Boxer mix

Our Fur Babies photo 3

Melon, our 4 year old cat

Our Fur Babies photo 4

Some extra pictures:

Our Fur Babies photo 5Our Fur Babies photo 6Our Fur Babies photo 7Our Fur Babies photo 8

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For our two year anniversary, Walter and I planned a trip to Napa, California.  We stayed at the most romantic bed and breakfast and spent the whole trip eating, relaxing, and wine tasting.  The whole time I kept saying to Walter "I couldn't be happier."  After a long day out, Walter and I were laying in bed watching a movie.  He asked me if I was happy, and I said again "I couldn't be happier."  He responded with "I bet I could make you happier," and slipped the ring on my finger.  I sat there in stunned silence for awhile and then said YES!  It was truly the best day of my life and I can't wait to get married!


The ring!

The Proposal photo 1




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How We Met photo 1



Walter and I actually met on the very first day of veterinary school.  We were at some drug company sponsored lunch, and I made a beeline for the table with the most guys.  He remembers that I was very outgoing and I remember that he was very cute :).  He was actually in a serious relationship at the time, and we ended up kind of going our separate ways during our first year.

At the beginning of our second year in school, our mutual friend Tim had a birthday party and invited us both.  We ended up talking all night.  This turned into e-mails and quick chats between classes, which eventually led to us studying together.  We studied (and flirted) for a couple of months before he FINALLY made his move.  We have been together for over two years now.

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About Us photo 1


My name is Holly and I recently graduated from veterinary school at UC Davis.  I love to read, SLEEP, and shop.  I have a particular weakness for Coach.

My fiance's name is Walter (I LOVE calling him my fiance :)).  He is also a new veterinarian. He wants to specialize in exotic animals, and likes to ski and eat in his free time.