Oct 24, 2009

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I wasnt sure what jewellery to use, and one I saw this in the shop and I absolutely loved it! The earring seems a little bit small thought as I have longish hair.

Wedding day jewelery photo 1Wedding day jewelery photo 2




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Here are some of my DIY's, its alot of work but the effort at the end really pays off...

Here are my DIY invites:

My DIY projects photo 1My DIY projects photo 2

The blocks with out initials where stuck on a foam double sided tape. And the inside was typed on a valum paper with a background printed on the white paper.

My DIY projects photo 3My DIY projects photo 4

Inside i made a pocket and printed on it instructions as to what the guests must do with the tickets. Ive asked them to write a message to us on the reverse and bring it to the wedding together with a photo of themselves. And I will add them to our guest book.

My DIY projects photo 5

My DIY programs:

I designed and printed thses programs on normal cardstock and binded them with a copper colour keyring

My DIY projects photo 6

My DIY favours and thank you cards

The cards ive printed on normal cardstock and the crosses i got it made at a local beadstore.The crystal ones are for ladies and there is a burgundy crystal ones for gents.

My DIY projects photo 7My DIY projects photo 8

My DIY: Will you be my bridesmaid invite

My DIY projects photo 9My DIY projects photo 10


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My maid of honour:

Antoinette, weve been friends for about 6 years now. And to cut the long story short she went out with my FI brother (the best man) yeah, kinda akward. But oh well. She is fun and very organised (a big plus). Since ive known her the longest i decided to have her as MOH.

And here she is:

The wedding party photo 1

And here are my bridesmaids:

The wedding party photo 2The wedding party photo 3

The wedding party photo 4

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Thanks to Power point ive been able to create this amazing monogram. It might not look as proffesional, but hey gotta cut costs somewhere. In fact ive done all my stationery on power point :)

Our monogram photo 1

Ok the background suppose to be white, not sure why it comes out black when i upload it.

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I almost forgot to share with you all something that saved my life through he planning process.

Its is simple and easy to use, and it help keep everything together.


Free printable wedding planner photo 1

Here is the link to the website:


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I really struggled to find a pair of deep red shoes with peep holes. Couldnt find it anywhere. Untill I found ones on my one of my bridesmaids feet. So we realised that I dont have something borrowed for the wedding. So that worked out so nicely. Plus she loves shoes.

Here are some ideas of the shoes im going to use, will post a pic of my shoes as soon as i get my hands on it :)

Shoes photo 1


Im not sure if I would be able to do something like this since its not my shoes, but this looks so funky.

Shoes photo 2

And here are my shoes that Ill be wearing on the wedding day:

Shoes photo 3