Feb 29, 2012

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"Don't look for affirmation from other women (especially women you don't know) when it comes to your wedding. A poll should not decide what shoes you wear, your colour scheme and DEF. not your dress. Just try to pour as much of you and your FI's personality into your wedding even if you're not sure it's something anyone else would take a second glance at. Be confident in your taste because it's YOURS even when that means your cake, venue, hair, makeup, all of it looks completely different to what anyone else is doing. That's called a Unique Point of View and should be treasured rather than questioned. Be confident that, if YOU love all the small details in your wedding, regardless of what anyone else might think, your wedding will reflect your personality in the most memorable way not only for you but for your guests as well and that is so much more special than simply duplicating the PW trends of the moment for the sake of PW applause, isn't it?"