Aug 01, 2010

Chrissy O Designs
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I DO NOT recommend Chrissy Os. The manager is extremely rude and has an attitude with you, even before speaking with her! I attempted to talk kindly and respectfully with her only to be met with hostility! I am not a very confrontational person so I was stunned into silence when I spoke with her. It is understandable that working at a bridal store can be a stressful job but there is no reason that a manager should be hostile with customers! (Especially with ones that are willing to bring in good business!) I hope the owners are cognizant of how the shop is being run. I know if I was owner..I would want my employees to be known for their professional attitude. It is just not good business! I am sorry to say I am crossing the store off my list as I begin to look for wedding dresses. I would rather bring my business to a shop, with a good heart. Wedding planning can be difficult enough; you should not have to deal with hostile bridal store employees! The reviews before this were pretty glowing. What happened to this store? New management?
Services used: Dress & Attire