Jun 25, 2011

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We would love to get married in my parents' parish and hold the reception back at their house, well, in the barn at their house!  They have a good sized garden but the costs of marquee hire makes it a little prohibitive, so we're thinking we could make something of their barn.  We will have to clear the hay bales, garden machinery and old furniture out and hire some tables, chairs etc, but having seen some amazing pictures of barn weddings on this site, we're inspired to at least try!

Our worry is that we will not fit the number of people we would like to invite, so we're mapping out the dimensions and looking at the best type of seating plan.  We will probably end up hiring some kind of marquee for a champagne reception, lounge area but it won't need to be so big so may come within budget.

Here's what we're working with:

Reception Venue photo 1 Reception Venue photo 2Reception Venue photo 3   Reception Venue photo 4

 and here's what I want to turn it into ...

Reception Venue photo 5  Reception Venue photo 6

Obviously it's a lot smaller but you get the idea.

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The other love of my life photo 1The other love of my life photo 2

Harry is our 18 month old Border Terrier.  He is utterly gorgeous and spolit rotten!

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My grandmother died a couple of years ago and as her only grandaughter, I inherited her beautiful rings.  I wear her wedding band and eternity ring on my right hand and kept her engagement ring hoping that one day I would have the honour of wearing it as an engagement ring too.  My parents and my FI all knew of my wishes so the day before FI proposed, he snuck up to my parents' house to ask them for my hand.  My father gave him his blessing, and the ring, and I had no clue until he got down on one knee!

The Ring photo 1 The Ring photo 2

Sorry for the quailty of the pictures but you get the idea!

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The Proposal photo 1

So I had a couple of weeks off work but nowhere to go and at the last minute booked a small cottage in Devon for a long weekend.  We have been to this area before and have a favourite restuarant there.  After a lovely meal one night, FI got down on one knee, presented me with a ring and asked me to marry him.  After I squeaked out a “yes” through lots of happy laughter, he shouted to the waiter “she said yes!” and they came over with a bottle of champagne for us.  Everyone else in the restaurant applauded and when each diner left, they came over to our table to congratulate us and wish us well ... an amazing evening.


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FI and I at my cousin's wedding

Us photo 1

Although our paths had crossed a couple of times before, FI and I formally met when mutual friends asked me to go with them to a party at his apartment.  To this day he will tell you that I gatecrashed but I had my friends check with him at least twice that it was ok for me to tag along!  Neither of us were looking for a relationship but I guess you can’t help when you’re going to fall in love. 

And it was clear from very early on that we were falling head over heels with each other.  We moved in together after almost a year and just after a year on from then, he asked me to marry him.

FI has two lovely sons who live with their mum but stay with us every Wednesday, every other weekend and half of the school holidays.  They live just at the end of our road so in reality we see them a lot more.  We have a great relationship with their mum which makes it all really easy.