Aug 08, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Chaminade resort has been one of the most horrendous experiences we have had ever. After we started working with them the first few months seemed great but as we got closer to the wedding things started to fall apart. Our guests would call in to book the rooms only to be told that the price was $230 per room per night with a 2 night minimum and we had negotiated for only 1 night minimum since some guests wouldn't be staying more than one night. Then their website dropped the price of the rooms down to $189 and they were told basically the negotiated price was for $230 night and that is what they would be charged. We first contacted them about it and they were unwilling to compromise so we informed our guests to book without telling them they are part of our wedding. We requested management intervention and after negotiating we were able to get the room rate down to $179 a night. We all know the economy is bad and people are being laid off in all walks of life. Times are tough and it is no different for us and our guests. We originally invited around 250 guests thinking we would end up with about 150. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The economy has taken a toll on our families and friends and we now only have about 100 coming to the wedding and it seems to be shrinking as time moves on. We contacted Chaminade to explain our situation and if we could work out a deal for the same cost but without having to meet the minimum due to the economic times taking a toll on our family and friends. Chaminades response was to raise the kids meals from $40 dollars a plate to $114 and vendor meals from $40 dollars a plate to $114 a plate. Then charge us $114 per person for each person not coming up to the $125 minimum. Then responding with, we are a business and are trying to operate a business and there was plenty of others who definitely would have made their minimum but we chose you instead. It was the other way around, Chaminade wasn't our first choice and no one had booked that day 9 months in advance when we started our planning and booking, the primary place we wanted unfortunately didn't have the rooms available to meet our needs. I can definitely sympathize that they are running a business but what I found interesting is all our vendors were more than willing to work with us and we made changes in line with the growing economic downturn with the exception of Chaminade. They were completely unwilling to compromise or even acknowledge there were problems. We contacted them separately about room availability for the night of our wedding and they were not even close to being at capacity for the weekend. They may be a business but hopefully a business that is failing at a rapid pace. I wouldn't recommend the resort to anyone, nor would I recommend having their wedding there.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner