Dec 11, 2010

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I'm one of the founders of Project Wedding along with Margaret and Srini.  I got engaged to Margaret in March 2006 and we launched Project Wedding in March 2007 after our wedding planning experience.  We hope you'll find the Project Wedding community a helpful place and please let us know if you need any help!

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Someone PM'ed me about how I planned our honeymoon to Greece and I decided to post my response if others are also seeking help:

Our honeymoon stops are Athens, Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos. You can see my whole trip on Yahoo if you want.

I planned the whole honeymoon myself. I'm not sure I really recommend it b/c it took me about a month to put it all together. And I'm still a little shaky on some of the details =)

My basic plan was to hit all the major touristy areas. I've never been to Greece so I figure those areas will be a good place to start. I looked around a bit on the web for trips to Greece to get a feel for what places are popular. Santorini and Mykonos are probably the two most popular islands. I also borrowed the Frommers guide to Greece from the library. It recommended Crete as a place with a variety of attractions. Flexibility was key for us b/c we wanted to be able to shop, lounge, or sightsee based on how we felt that day.

Getting around the islands was one of my big concerns. Supposedly using the subway in Athens is easy. On the islands, walking or tour bus seems best. Between islands, I chose to fly some of the routes b/c it's faster and more reliable. I only wanted to go into Santorini by boat b/c it's supposedly much better that way.

As far as picking hotels in a random foreign country, I used Very helpful for me. You can see reviews by other people and it even rates the hotel in terms of romance, cleanliness, etc. Gives you some level of confidence that you won't end up in a dump. Or if you do, it's by choice. I would have really liked to stay in a bed and breakfast, but I couldn't figure out a reliable way to do it. We probably could have risked it and just showed up and found one, but I had enough worries with this trip.

PM me if you have questions.
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The month or so has been busy with wedding planning stuff and probably will be for the next couple months as well. It feels good to get stuff checked off though. It also feels good to contribute to the wedding other than going to vendor meetings and nodding yes.

Honeymoon in Greece
Groomsmen gifts
Ceremony readings, music
Help with invitations

To do:
First dance music
Dance lessons
Bridal party entrance music (chosen the couple's music already)
Tuxedo alterations
Ceremony Programs
Marriage License
Change of name research (not me, for her)

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We are both engineers who like to watch TV/movies and play with our dog. I love to play tennis, basketball, ping pong, and video games. I like to do active things and be healthy in general. My goal is for both of us to live till 100.

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We met at MIT during freshman orientation. Our friendship started with me saying "hello" and her saying "hello?" and looking confused. She did not remember me from the previous time we met, but I found her quizzical eyes quite attractive and we played cards for the rest of the night.

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I spent quite a while preparing for the proposal. Planning was quite nerve-wracking. Once the day arrived, I was nervous to start with, but once things started going well, I relaxed. I think she knew that I was going to propose that night, so she purposely had fun. Once I loosened up, I felt more confident that things were turn out positively. We went to Fresh Creme for dinner and it was delicious. We've been trying to get back to Fresh Creme ever since, but haven't gotten the chance. I proposed after dinner and she said yes.