May 31, 2008

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On Friday we checked into the bed and breakfast (the same one we were married at, The Cornerstone Mansion) and it was just like I remember it!  It was nice to roam around the rooms and not be totally stressed.  After we checked in, we went to the zoo and went on the new Skyfari, which is a ski lift over the zoo).  Our zoo in Omaha is one of the top ten in the U.S. so it was pretty cool to see it from above.  All of the animals were putting on shows for us.  The gorillas and orangutans were acting especially playful.  My husband loves the zoo and I love him to be so happy when we are there.

First Anniversary photo 1

After the zoo, we went back to the B&B to freshen up for dinner.  Our caterer, Villamonte’s, runs the kitchen at the Omaha Press Club, which is a member’s only restaurant on the 22nd floor of the Double Tree hotel.  The view of Omaha, which is becoming quite a nice city, just blew us away.

First Anniversary photo 2  First Anniversary photo 3

Our caterer had arranged for us to not only get reservations into the restaurant but also had the kitchen make us the same meal we had at our reception.  So good!  

First Anniversary photo 4

Back at the B&B, we cut into our cake (not our original cake, but a duplicate from the bakery where we got our wedding cake) with our serving set from the wedding and enjoyed it on the porch with some champagne.  I indulged in a bubble bath in the clawfoot tub that was in our room and we stayed up late “enjoying each other’s company”.  This morning I told Phil to go get the classified section of the newspaper and made him find the ad I put in.  He gave me his gift, a charm bracelet with a wedding ring charm and graduation hat charm.  Perfect!  We ate an early breakfast with the other guests in the house and went back up to our room for a short nap before checking out.  We overslept a bit and had to rush to make checkout and promised the owner we would be back next year.

First Anniversary photo 5  First Anniversary photo 6

Honestly, our first anniversary couldn’t have been more awesome.  I felt like we were renewed for the next year.  I am already planning anniversary number two!


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