May 22, 2010

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So our honeymoon plans kept changing as we had to accomodate our shrinking budget due to the husband being laid off a few months before our wedding.  So we went from having a cruise to going to Florida to going to Maine.

Pretty random I know. We thought about the cruise... and I'd much rather spend time on the beach than on a boat. Then I thought about Florida and how my future husband would be sitting at a beach bar over laying in the sand or swimming in the ocean with me. So discussing with a bridesmaid of mine I was telling her how I'd love to go somewhere we've both never been. She currently lives in Maine with her boyfriend and suggested "come to Maine!!" 

At first I thought she was just joking but then I thought about it and I have alway wanted to visit the New England area for a while now. One state neither of us has been to was Maine.  Photos looked stunning... so we were sold! 

We ended up driving back to Maine with my bridesmaid and her boyfriend the Monday after our wedding. On the way to Maine we stopped at Niagara Falls (US side) for an hour as my husband and bridemaid have never seen the falls both being west coast natives. When we got to Maine we crashed at their home and the next morning we got a rental car and drove up to a place called Bar Harbor near Acadia National Park.  Beautiful little town! Spent a couple days there and then drove back down to Portland, Maine where we stayed for a couple of nights checking out lighthouses, the ocean, and sights. Our last night in town we met up with my bridesmaid and her boyfriend and caught an 80's cover band that was awesome! The next day we drove to Boston and spent a day checking it out before we caught our flight home. We had a blast! Here are some photos I took throughout the trip. 



Our Honeymoon In New England photo 1

Niagara Falls NY Side

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 2

Our hotel in Bar Harbor, Maine

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 3

Cute little pizza shop in town.

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 4

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park 

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 5

The view behind Sand Beach

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 6

Portland Head Light - Portland, Maine

Our Honeymoon In New England photo 7

Houses in Boston

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All photos by my photographer were edited by me. If not taken by my photographer I gave a photo credit. 

Our Wedding Photos photo 1

Our names on the marquee. Photo credit: my cell phone

Our Wedding Photos photo 2

Inside page of our program with our rings. Photo credit: my camera

Our Wedding Photos photo 3Our Wedding Photos photo 4

My Program (photo credit my camera), my ceremony (unknown)

Our Wedding Photos photo 5Our Wedding Photos photo 6

My dress. Photo credit: my camera.

Our Wedding Photos photo 7

Checking out my birdcage. Loved my hair until we walked outside and it was a monsoon :( bye bye big curls.

Our Wedding Photos photo 8

Our Wedding Photos photo 9

Our Wedding Photos photo 10Our Wedding Photos photo 11

My shoes! I got these on sale at Target for $7, added self stick rhinestones and trim to them to jazz them up.

Our Wedding Photos photo 12

Our Wedding Photos photo 13

My DIY clutch! Fabric paint and rhinestones jazzed up this $5 dollar on sale Target clutch.

Our Wedding Photos photo 14Our Wedding Photos photo 15

This first pic was kind of dingy looking, I did a little photoshop magic to it and made it brighter.

Our Wedding Photos photo 16Our Wedding Photos photo 17

Some portraits of me

Our Wedding Photos photo 18

Our Wedding Photos photo 19

My girls & me

Our Wedding Photos photo 20

The guys

Our Wedding Photos photo 21

The husband

Our Wedding Photos photo 22

Our Wedding Photos photo 23

Our Wedding Photos photo 24Our Wedding Photos photo 25

I love the editing I did to the first pic, before it was just boring brick walls.

Our Wedding Photos photo 26

Our Wedding Photos photo 27

Backstage at the HOB, John Belushi eyeing us up in the background.

Our Wedding Photos photo 28Our Wedding Photos photo 29

Bouquet Photo Credit: me after I made it!

Our Wedding Photos photo 30

I love his face in this image

Our Wedding Photos photo 31

Love these colors!

Our Wedding Photos photo 32

I love the vintage coloring I did here.

Our Wedding Photos photo 33

Our Wedding Photos photo 34

Our Wedding Photos photo 35

I remember we stood there for a few, like I didn't know what to do next haha.

Our Wedding Photos photo 36

Our Wedding Photos photo 37

I love how silly I look here. 

Our Wedding Photos photo 38

Ah, the dirty alley next to the gorgeous alley on the other side. I wish I would have realized we were never going over there after about 100 photos in the gross, stinky alley. Still cute pictures, though!

Our Wedding Photos photo 39

Look at that ceiling! I used those stars as inspiration with metal star decor throughout the reception.

Our Wedding Photos photo 40

Our reception room was gorgeous. The lighting and colors made up for not being able to afford to go with color table cloths and such. 

Our Wedding Photos photo 41

I loved our head table so much! We wanted something unique so we chose a barbell style table. Two rounds with one rectangle table for two in between. 

Our Wedding Photos photo 42

Our Wedding Photos photo 43

Our Wedding Photos photo 44

Our Wedding Photos photo 45

The HOB told us they had a cake serving set... it was quite a surprise to walk to the table and see a butterknife. "How are we supposed to cut a cake like this with... a butterknife?!" haha.

Our Wedding Photos photo 46

Our Wedding Photos photo 47

I think we were laughing because our photographer kept telling us to "get nose to nose" for almost every photo so we were making fun of it because we felt silly dancing in front of everyone.

Our Wedding Photos photo 48

My favorite pic! My bridesmaid really wanted the bouquet! 

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I had some issues with vendors and others were amazing. Below are the vendors I used or when using my own talents where I got my supplies from:




The fabulous House of Blues Cambridge Room in Cleveland, Ohio. I cannot say enough good things about them. They kept in contact with me throughout the entire planning process. Quick responses to questions, very helpful and set up the venue exactly how we imagined. If you are looking for a non-traditional venue in Cleveland Ohio I highly Recommend them! 



We went with Wild Flour Bakery in Rocky, River Ohio. You can see my post above with more details. They were absolutely wonderful and had delicious cake! 

Flowers, Centerpieces, Paper Supplies, Decor 


Pat Catan's Craft Store (mostly northern Ohio craft store)

Flowers, ribbon, floral tape, paper mache boxes for card box, scrapbook paper for box and centerpieces, centerpiece vases, water marbles, Scrapbook paper for numbers used for place cards, Frames for vintage Ohio and California hankies, Buckeye candy, plastic bag for favors.

Michael's Craft Stores.

The small frames for the table numbers were purchased at Michael's in the dollar section. They seem to change them each season with different colors. (you could easily spray paint them to match your theme)



We went with DJ AMP through Jerry Bruno and I was happy with her services until the reception. We did give her a do not play list that basically consisted of no Lady GaGa (which I gave into later for a friend) and no line dance type songs. Other than that we were pretty open. The entire night I had guests coming up to me and complaining that the DJ will not play their request. (keep in mind she had papers on the tables asking guests to request songs). I remember going over to her and she asking what I want next and saying we didn't want to go back a decade in music. I was kind of shocked by that as what does what decade music came out have to do with how good it is?  We requested one song for the opening (BEP - Tonight's Going To Be A Good Night) but she seemed to play loud and heavier music which in turn caused many of the older guests to decide to leave the wedding. This really bummed me out.  She had asked earlier if a friend of hers could "shadow" her and being the nice person I am I said sure... but later I wonder if she was not sitting with her friend would her performance and music selection been better? We felt a bit let down as her site claims she has worked in NYC and LA and under Prince in a dance group (or something).  It wasn't terrible service, but I felt it could have been much better for what we expected. 



We hired Carol Malick to shoot our wedding and I honestly regret it. 

I could write paragraphs about what was wrong. I'll spare you, but if you are really interested feel free to contact me. I'll just say that there is absolutely no way this woman is a professional.  Reasons I conclude this: She shoots angles a lot. Once in a while this can look creative, but when it's done so much it starts to look like an excuse for poor compositional skills. Blurry out of focus shots, white balance issues (my cake was white, not yellow... and no, none of the reception lighting was yellow at all... and even so it took me seconds in photoshop to do a quick correction), poor judgement on background for portraits, and my photos were all at 72dpi. 72 dpi is considered a low resolution... 

This is a screenshot of the actual size of the original photos she was going to give me. Notice the actual size is only 4x6 inches? I was told I'd get high resolution images... I'd expect high res images from a Canon 5D would be a lot bigger than 4x6 inches. (540 ppi? really...)

So, like I wrote above I did send my photographer a message asking where a lot of moments were that she missed so she offered to send me all 1700 something photos she took. Here is a screen shot of those file sizes.

I guess she thought because the file size is 78 by 52 inches at 72 ppi/dpi they were high resolution. 

72ppi/dpi is considered a low resolution. 300 is more like a print quality. 72 pixels per inch vs. 300 pixels per inch... which would you rather have your files saved as?

Just so much crap, I get sick thinking I paid money for this. 


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I struggled with our invites. I wanted something really cool and unique and in the end I decided to do something super simple. I ended up printing my invitations on a textured thick white card stock front and back and used 5x7 Kraft color paper card envelopes. (I used the cards for our menus)

Our Invitations photo 1

I went through the task of customizing each return card with those who were invited names. That was fun (haha) but pretty much worked very well. We only had one guest return one and add a guest a week before the wedding (and neither ended up showing up to the wedding, grr!)

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My program with DIY instructions photo 1

I absolutely love our programs! I made them from some very simple materials and I'll describe the process below


  • Kraft Cards (I used 50 packs from Darice in 4x6, 2 packs)
  • A printer & computer program you can customize a template in (I used an Epson printer and Photoshop CS4)
  • Twine or a stiff string (I used black)
  • White cardstock, not paper thin but not as thick as the cards
  • An awl (like a screw driver but just has a point for poking holes) and something to push into like a cutting board, and a corner rounder
  • The font Ingrid Darling and a basic fon't included on your computer

How to

So I measured my cards when open which equals about 8 inches across when open. I created a document that size and pulled a ruler out to mark the mid point (4 inches in the middle from left or right). I will demonstrate using Photoshop CS5 Extended (not sure how to describe this on other programs). I kept the height as that didn't change. You will want to have the resolution set around 300 dpi as this is a good print quality resolution.

My program with DIY instructions photo 2

My program with DIY instructions photo 3

Now with that done you can clearly see what side of the paper you will be adding your text on. Design your text and keep in mind order. I printed back and front of my programs so you have to keep in mind that your front will be in order (left side has content you want before you read the right side) however when you print the back you will want the left side to be the right side for the pages behind it, and the right side to be the left side for the pages behind that.  I hope that makes sense.  Perhaps if you create a booklet as a working idea to get a visual it will help.  Also keep in mind if you are going to round the corners you don't want to add a design or text too close to the bottom corners. 

You can use the same template for the cover, too. For the cover the right side will be the front, the left side will be the back. See diagram below:

My program with DIY instructions photo 4You definitely want to print a test out to make sure you understand how to place the paper in to get it to print on front and back (I printed the fronts then put them back in to print the backs. You want to make sure it doesn't print upside down, though!)  Once everything is printed now you can assemble your books, fun time! 

I laid out my books. Put the covers out, piled the papers on them, and placed them in a stack. This way I am sure I have everything printed out and the correct layers of paper.  I freehanded poking holes with my awl but if you don't feel you can do it and keep it as close to the previous cover as possible I suggest using a ruler. You should be able to poke through a cover and the two pages at the same time. 

Thread the string through to get an idea of how long you will need it. If you just tie a knot and let the strings hang like mine you wont need as much as if you choose to tye a bow. Once you have that measured you can determine how much cord you need.

Cut the corners of your books with the corner rounder and you are done! 

My program with DIY instructions photo 5

My program with DIY instructions photo 6

Thread through the holes and create your programs!

Wasn't that fun :-) 

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Charcoal Gray, Dark Pink, Olive Green, Golden Yellow

(in case your monitor doesn't show the colors good)

Colors photo 1