Nov 08, 2009

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hello all... it's been a while since i've been here!!! thank you to all for all the toasts you ladies are so sweet!!! i don't have any pro pics yet, but i do have a few that turned out good... so here are some pictures of the big day!!!!

my hubby, his best man (brother), my new sister in law and nephew... we took pictures before the reception since our ceremony started at 5:00pm we didn't want to leave our reception to take pictures.. worked out... ;)

we are finally married photo 1

all of our BP (no one was paying attention) but i love the way this looks...

we are finally married photo 2

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Thanks to futuremrs... and her wonderful instructions :) i was able to make these lovely Pomanders!!! :) after i got the hang of it, it wasn't that hard!!! Thanks again futuremrs... couldn't have done this with out your guiadance... you're awesome...

here is one of the 8 i'm doing... once all are complete i'll post new ones...

My DIY Pomander photo 1 My DIY Pomander photo 2

ok so i ran out of the orange ribbon, so i had to re-make the 3 that were already done, and here are the new and improved ones... :)

My DIY Pomander photo 3 My DIY Pomander photo 4 My DIY Pomander photo 5

again couldn't have done these with out futuremrs... help.... :)

so here are my masterpieces!!! :) i was so excited with walking down the aisle that i didn't even notice they were there in front of me... but here's a non pro pic!!!

My DIY Pomander photo 6


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we got our cake (actually we picked out and ordered our cake a while ago) but i hadn't had a chance to upload the picture :) so here it is.... same style 4 tier cake with the ribbon in brown and the little dot's in orange...

CAKE photo 1

so at the last minute... we changed our cake design!!! we loved the top design but when dropping off the cake topper we saw this little number and just new this would look great with our decor... so glad we changed it.. this was our cake!!!

CAKE photo 2 (ahhh you can't see the A but i'll find another picture with it)

and here is the cake topper only as an "A" for my new last name :)

CAKE photo 3

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so here are some ideas for the flowers...

my bouquet: of course with a few more roses and YES some stephan-somthing those pretty white flowers that look like stars with some bling in the middle :)

flowers flowers flowers photo 1

here's my ACTUAL BOUQUET!!!! i LOOOOOVEEEEDDDD it... turned out even better than the picture... my florist did an AMAZING job... (Ninfa'sflowersandgifts) looooved them!!!!

flowers flowers flowers photo 2 flowers flowers flowers photo 3

the girls bouquets: just picture white, creams and splashes of brown (since their dresses are burnt orange i want to contrass the colors a bit)

flowers flowers flowers photo 4

the girls bouquets were perfect also!!!!

flowers flowers flowers photo 5 flowers flowers flowers photo 6 

for center pieces here are some ideas... not sure yet... all in orange, soft yellows and creams

flowers flowers flowers photo 7 flowers flowers flowers photo 8 flowers flowers flowers photo 9

here are the actual flowers!!! LOVED them... our florist was the BEST!!! so happy we found them...

flowers flowers flowers photo 10 flowers flowers flowers photo 11

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this is our color palet :)


inspiration board photo 1

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My adorable little god-daughter Lyrah will be my flower girl... she's about a year and six months... I found this dress on and really loved it... Flower Girl Dress photo 1