Dec 05, 2009

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Just got back from our 3 week honeymoon and our December 5th wedding was perfect! It snowed all day giving us about 2-3 inches for great pictures, everything went so smoothly I couldn't believe it. Here are some of the pro pics from the day :)

Pro pics photo 1Pro pics photo 2

Pro pics photo 3Pro pics photo 4Pro pics photo 5

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Here are some pictures of my dress, it is custom made from a small shop in Annapolis, MD called Lex's Bridals I knew the first time that I saw it that it was the dress. I love all of the beading and the fact that I will still be able to dance all night in it. Sorry that they are so tiny, I need to have my sister send me some different pictures but here is a picture of me in the dress and I have the cathedral length veil with some beading on it.

hair makeup and the dress photo 1

hair makeup and the dress photo 2

hair makeup and the dress photo 3


hair makeup and the dress photo 4


Here is a picture of the flower girl dresses that we think that we are goign to have except they will have lavender sashes...there will be 2 flowers girls my adorable little cousins who are both 7 years old.

hair makeup and the dress photo 5


Here is a picture of the bridesmaid dresses, it is kind of hard to see but it is the back of the dress and is the shorter one that is 2nd from the right, they will be in a plum color with an ivory sash and they also have a bolero type jacket in plum to wear for the ceremony.

hair makeup and the dress photo 6

Here is a picture of the dress that I ordered for the rehearsal's back ordered until Oct 30th so hopefully it will work out :/

hair makeup and the dress photo 7


And here are the shoes I'm going to wear with it...I'll probably get a long necklace and a chunkier bracelet for the jewlery, I love love love these shoes :)

hair makeup and the dress photo 8


I have not had my hair trial yet but here are some styles that I love and the look that I am kind of going, I know that I got some pictures off of PW so please let me know if they are yours and I will be happy to give you credit thanks :)

hair makeup and the dress photo 9

This is my favorite hair look, hopefully I can do something similar

hair makeup and the dress photo 10

I love the way that the curls look in this hairstyle

hair makeup and the dress photo 11


I really like this makeup look...gotta love Carrie Underwood :)

hair makeup and the dress photo 12

hair makeup and the dress photo 13


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Our reception will be at the Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yard in Baltimore Maryland, I used to work for Marriott and now work for Starwood so I'm partial to the hotel ballrooms :)


Here is a picture of another wedding at the hotel:


Reception photo 1


For our centerpieces we have chosen a low centerpiece with purple hydrangeas, cream roses, ivory lillies and dark purple calla lillies, here is the mock up from when we went to the florist I love them :)

Reception photo 2


Reception photo 3


Our escort cards will be small leaves with everyones name on them with an additional smaller leaf with the table number on them that we will be attaching to plums with a pearl pin kind of similar to the apple picture below but with much nicer handwriting :)


Reception photo 4


Since my parents recently moved to Belgium we will be giving away incredible Belgian Chocolate that they are going to bring over with them and I got these cute pyramid boxes with an H on them since my new last name will be Hernandez :) I also have tied them with plum colored took forever to put them all together but I figure that  a couple days before the wedding we can untie them pop the chocolate in and tie them back up.

Reception photo 5


I will also have a couple of trays of Cheryl and Co. cookies to hand out as an additional favor around when the cake is going to be served...I figure that they can also help to soak up some alchohol :)

Here is a picture of the cookies, we will just be using the white round ones and instead of the baby sticker I am having a sticker made saying thank you for being here on our special day and the wedding date all in purple. I will post a pic as soon as I can.


Reception photo 6

Our card box is similar to this one with the birdcage look except that it is white and then we are having a similar sign made in our colors to be tied around in a ribbon.

Reception photo 7



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Our wedding is on December 5th 2009 in Baltimore, MD and our colors are plum,white and a hint of lavender. We are getting married at the same church that my parents got married in 31 years ago,we are still working out a lot of the ceremony details such as the music etc :/ hopefully this will all get done this week!

Ceremony photo 1


I have recently met a local girl who is starting her own wedding paper company called Greenleaf Paperie and she does incredible work, I will upload the pictures as soon as I take them.

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Courtney’s parents had moved to Belgium in August 2008, while she was sad to see them go, she was very excited to visit them for 10 days at the end of January. Once Santi had heard about her trip and the 2 days that they would spend in Paris he knew that this was how he was going to propose. After asking Courtney’s parents for their permission to ask Courtney to marry him, he explained his plan to her mom who was of course thrilled! Then the planning and plotting began, from Santi google mapping the exact place he was going to propose and all of the emails and phone calls to her parents to figure out the logistics to Court’s sister Kerry sneaking him an international cell phone after her recent trip to Belgium.  
The time finally came for Court’s trip and after a goodbye at the airport to Santi she was off to Europe.  After 4 fun filled days with her family, Court and her parents were on the train to Paris and after checking into their beautiful hotel, they were off to Versailles for the day. Little did Courtney know but her dad had left a key at the front desk for Santi to pick up and had been talking to him on the international cell phone the whole day that they were in Versailles. After the trip to Versailles Court and her parents went to rest for a little bit and get ready to see the Eiffel Tower light show and to go to dinner. Unfortunately Courtney had fallen asleep and was not ready when they planned to meet up, after hearing it from her parents for being late Court quickly flat ironed her hair and got ready to go. Still annoyed from her parents rushing her ,Court did not realize that Santi was walking behind them to the Plaza de Alma (and had been freezing outside of the hotel while Court was running late) which is a beautiful bridge overlooking the Siene River and the Eiffel Tower, and where they had planned to watch the Eiffel Tower light show and Santi had planned his proposal.  Once they reached a spot on the bridge Court’s dad got the camera ready to take a video of her and her mom with the Eiffel tower in the background. Once ready, Santi came out from behind her dad, went down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?”  Court of course said yes and after many hugs and kisses they all went back to the hotel for dinner to celebrate, while poor Santi tried to fight off jag lag, having flown into Paris that morning and been awake for almost 48 hours. After the wonderful proposal Santi and Court got a tour of Europe from Court’s parents for the next 5 days. Courtney still to this day does not know how she got so lucky to have found such a wonderful guy and to have gotten engaged in Paris!The proposal photo 1


The proposal photo 2

The proposal photo 3

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After all the bio stalking that I have done on PW lately I figured that I should go ahead and make one myself, I have gotten so much inspiration from all of you ladies and I hope that you can get some from me. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, thanks!

It all began in February 2006; Courtney was interning at Towson University’s College of Business and Economics in the Communications department, and was fervently reading over her speech that she had prepared for The Associate Competition at the college, which is similar to Donald Trump’s The Apprentice on TV. While she was reading over her speech Santi came up to the door of the office to meet with her boss who happened to be on the phone, Courtney said hi and they began talking and found out that they were both going to be participating in The Associate competition.
After that first meeting Santi knew there was something special about Courtney and was determined to win her over. Since they had been put on different teams for the competition Santi came up with a great way to ask her out, a wager that if Courtney’s team lost a case study than Santi would take her to dinner and vice versa. Unfortunately for Santi’s wallet Courtney’s team ended up losing all of the case studies, luckily after the first lost case and their first date at Xando in Baltimore, MD complete with smores and martinis, Courtney was hooked. We have since enjoyed many wonderful dinner dates and cannot wait to enjoy many more

How we met photo 1