Nov 06, 2010

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The situation that occurred with my sister was after they were denied entry. They were turned away at the door, even though they had permission from Angelo, the father & owner of the nyack seaport. I needed them present for pictures. I, the bride requested sparkling cider, as I do not drink, not for all of my guest. That is shameful on you, and very dishonest!

I paid for champagne and they gave ginger ale - literally! I have proof on video! They ran out of alcohol because they had an affair prior to our wedding, which is unacceptable. Angelo, owner gave me permission to bring my family there ahead of time, Valicitie(daughter)turned them away. She was very rude and pretty snotty. The table linens that I picked out were not the ones that I ended up with. I paid $10/head for a candy table and the candy she picked out was your basic twizzlers, mixed Hershey squares, m&m's and skittles. She didn't even give us the left over’s that really belonged to us. We asked to have our runner returned to us and we never got it. I was so disappointed! They didn't give us a cocktail hour (bride & groom) in suite which we were told we would receive. It's been a year since my wedding and I'm still annoyed with the service I got that night. Be prepared if you plan to use this vendor.
Services used: Wedding Venue
The Nyack Seaport
As a professional, I have not responded to this because of the sensitivity of the situations on the day of the event. The guests were asked to remain outside only because there was an argument on the staircase between the bride and her sisters. Once the situation was diffused, we asked the guests to come inside--The fight occured in the Main entryway.
We did use Sparkling Cider was used at the request of the Bride.
We tried our best to make the situation as pleasant as possible for all parties involved.