Jul 25, 2009

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Below is a list of DIY projects and inspiration pictures. I am better at completely copying an idea than coming up with one on my own, so these pictures will help :)

  1. Ring Bear Pillow
  2. Pew Decorations
  3. Just married Sign
  4. Wreath for vintage car
  5. Wedding Program
  6. Rehearsal Dinner Invitation
  7. Bridesmaid appreciation invitations
  8. Menu Cards
  9. Place cards and Seating Sign
  10. Welcome Bags
  11. Bags for popcorn bar favors

Below are some pics for inspiration:

DIY Projects photo 1DIY Projects photo 2

DIY Projects photo 3DIY Projects photo 4

DIY Projects photo 5

Man I have a lot to do!



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I created the below monogram that we are going to used for our engagment invitation, custom stamp on our save the dates and then I'm going to use it on the menu cards and various other things at the wedding. Fun! Tony (Anthony) and I have the same initials of AC so i thought the monogram was perfect.


Monogram photo 1

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We had so much fun taking our engagement pictures. We chose a couple locations, first we started in downtown Santa Barbara, then four seasons where we had our beach cruisers and last we walked across the street to the beach. Pictures were taken by Melissa Musgrove of Santa Barbara. 

Engagement pictures photo 1Engagement pictures photo 2Engagement pictures photo 3Engagement pictures photo 4Engagement pictures photo 5Engagement pictures photo 6Engagement pictures photo 7Engagement pictures photo 8Engagement pictures photo 9Engagement pictures photo 10

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Inspiration pictures photo 1

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Yay! We booked our honeymoon. And I must say the global recession is working to our advantage!

We are going to Fiji for two weeks and staying aHoneymoon photo 1Honeymoon photo 2t Namale where all our food and drinks are included and
Roayl Davui. Can't wait!

Honeymoon photo 3

Honeymoon photo 4

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When thinking about our wedding colors I instantly thought of my Nana's love of amethyst and everything purple. So I felt it was the perfect way of incorporating her into the wedding. I only wish Tony and my Nana and Papa had the chance to meet. They would have been so proud. I know they are looking down on us with a big smile :)

Wedding colors inspiration photo 1

So along with purple we will do gold accents and at the reception I am going to add a few more colors like greens and maybe a peach. So excited. I will post inspiration pictures