May 15, 2015

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Troy and I met at a coffeehouse that we both worked at the time. He was a cook, and I, the waitress.

He was so cute! I couldn't help but always want to stick around the kitchen and talk to him.... After about 7 months or so, we started to hang out more, roller blading, walking, movies, lunch, dinner.... Then, I went to AZ for a week with a male friend, and while I was gone, I think we both realized that we really really like each other. The day after I got home, he asked me to be his GF. 3 months later, his living enviornment changed, and I invited him to live with me. He did. 5 months into him living with me, he proposed! It seemed so crazy to me because we had only been together for 8months, but, It just felt.... right.

We first set our date for May 9, 09, which was 1yr 1mo from proposal to wedding date. But, again, things changed, and so did our date. In Feb, we moved it to Dec. 31, 09. So, to the date, I will have had close to 2 years to plan, and on that day, Fi and I will have been together 2.5 years.

I am so comfortable with him, and love every minute of it!



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