Apr 17, 2010

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My boyfriend of three years proposed to me on Dec 17, 2009 after all of his efforts for a beautifully planned proposal didn't quite work out.  The poor guy had planned for a beautiful proposal in the Keys and yet every time he tried to plan it out things just kept messing up his surprise.  Finally after he thought for sure someone was going to let the cat at of the bag he asked me in the simplest way.  It was so cute normally he would leave for work around six am and I woke up around eight and looked at him puzzled as it turns out everyone new he was going to ask me the night before and he when we got lost for two hours and the plan didn’t work out he didn’t know what to do.  So here I am half asleep and he’s nervously mumbling about love and life and meanwhile I’m laying on him with my eyes closed and I could tell something was wrong. He asked me to marry me and then said he was sorry that he wanted to do it special and explained to me how each of his plans kept falling apart.  I couldn’t stop smiling not only because he asked me to be his wife but also because it meant so much to him and he went through so much trouble for four little words. 



Father Daughter Dance  My Little Girl Tim Mcgraw

First Dance


Dress delima.....ok so I love Maggie gowns...... im so in love with them its insane.  I thought I had the perfect one the maggie "coco" and was completely confident until now.  I have been obsessed with the lace gowns and the coco has no lace what so ever so here are my options thus far....

I can get the "coco" altered to look like the "colette" shouldn't be to complicated or scratch the silky dress and get the all lace "Clarissa" (which having an outdoor wedding may not be best)..... any suggestions


heres another dress to throw i the mix its a sottoro midgley ASM3297  I think i may be going dress crazy thank goodness i have another year and havent made any purchases yet.

Large View of the ASM3297 Bridal Gown93492.ASM3297-1.jpg