Jul 10, 2010

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So my mom, FMIL, and bridesmaids did an awesome job at surprising me!!!! (Even thou they forgot to mention on the invitations that it was a surprise. lol) I had gotten some clues that it was coming up...but no details, so I really didn't know where or when. I figured it was a regular Sunday like any other. My fiance and I almost always go out to lunch with his parents/family, however this time they had a leadership meeting after church and Sam was in need of new work boots. So we went to Chambersburg for lunch rather than staying in our town. -I didn't think anything of it really. We planned on lunch, 'boot' shopping, and going back to my apartment for a nap (I hadn't had a very good weeks sleep from work so I was really tired). And Sam played it so 'cool' all afternoon too! I had gotten a little spacious when he keep checking his phone while in Supershoes. He had asked me at one point to go into the 'clearance' room at the store to look for something, which I found out later was his way of turning his phone off cuz he changed his "story" for gettin me to the church. (His brother was going to ask him to come back to the church at a certain time cuz he and some band friends "need" in the worship center.) So on the way back to my apartment he casually mentioned that the guy that does our churches stage back-drops needed his help at 2pm and that we had left the store just in time (cuz he had forgotten! HA!)

So we get back to the church and I needed to use the bathroom so I decided to go in rather than wait in the car. (which he told me later he was glad he didn't have to try gettin me out of the car in someway. lol) So we walked in and I couldn't figure out why Craig hadn't turned on the hallway light but as Sam (pretended) to unlock the door and open it the light came on and everyone yells SURPRISE!! At first I backed out the door cuz I was shocked. But wow, did they get me!! haha So anyhow, I'll stop talking (or typing) and post some pics!


My cousin's wife does cakes and my mom asked her to make the cake and cupcake for the party!

My Bridal Shower photo 1My Bridal Shower photo 2

Sorry it's blury but here i am coming in.                My bridesmaids and I (minus the jr. bm)

My Bridal Shower photo 3My Bridal Shower photo 4

my mom and I infront of the gift table.  (right) They played this game and I had to walk around with that apron on for around 5 mins at least... it was heavy!!!

My Bridal Shower photo 5My Bridal Shower photo 6

They wrapped all my BMs in toilet paper as brides and I had to judge. (the one team even did a lil flower girl!)

My Bridal Shower photo 7


Opening some gifts.

My Bridal Shower photo 8My Bridal Shower photo 9

My Bridal Shower photo 10My Bridal Shower photo 11
(above, my MOH/best friend decided to get me a nighty since I told my mother she wasn't allowed! -there's a story as to why! lol. I also got two others that day...haha)

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I can't believe it's almost 2 months away!!!!!! I still have lots to do and little free time. :(  Between working in one town, living in another, and the wedding being in yet another town.... timing is so hard to find to do things when and where its needs to be done. I've got my boxes to make the card box but I still haven't found the fabric I want for it. We're still working on making sure we have the rights things for center pieces. Im still sticking to my idea of having every table different, however that makes it harder just making sure you have everything you need then. I'm also working on the diy programs, but I haven't out how their made & printed yet. I'm wondering if it would just be easier going to a printer and telling them what I want and letting someone else do it. I'll post a picture later and see if anyone could help me out...

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Im not very good at this whole blog thing. :( Things are just so busy. I'd say we're a good 70% ready for the wedding. :) My main thing this month is making the appointments for fittings and hair/make-up/nails. The girls dresses came in last week. YAY!! :D

Here they are:
(I have no pics of my dress so the FI doesn't find out what it looks like!!)

MOH Dress: The sash is a different shade of purple
3 months 2 weeks 1 day 3 photo 1

Bridesmaids dresses: my 3 BM's n Jr BM is wearing this dress in this shade of green! :)
3 months 2 weeks 1 day 3 photo 2

Flower girl: her dress will be the same shade of the MOH. she loved it!! She didn't want to take it off when we went dress shoping. :D haha
3 months 2 weeks 1 day 3 photo 3

The groomsmen suits are all picked out as well. Best man will b wearing a purple vest n tie to match the MOH and the rest will be wearing green to match the girls. Our fathers are wearing matching suits but silver vest n ties. My mom's dress is really pretty! And his mom is still finding her dress. I got the girls shoes picked out, just need to check on them getting them. haha.
I decided to go w/ silk flowers to save some money and they look amazing! We also made the STD cards & Invitations ourselves. (I'll post pics of them later.) I'm making the center pieces all different just because I love the idea of being unquiet. Plus I also have 7 close friends getting married around the same time as me and I love being different! :) Thankfully most of them are very traditional and the little i've heard bout their's we'll all be different. other than maybe some colors. but who cares. Anyhow, I gotta get back to work so i'll post more later.

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The winter of 2008 I played on the volleyball team for the church I was attending. Sam's aunt also played for our team and most Mondays He and his family came to watch the games. My friend actually liked his brother at the time and tried finding out everything she could. Eventually, we all started hanging out as friends. May of 2008 I headed for OH for 3 months to attend English Nanny & Governess School in Chargin
Falls. At this point Sam and I were getting to know each other alot better and talking more. I came home the first weekend after going to OH to surprise my mom for Mother's Day and for my friend's b-day party (the one that liked Sam's brother). One evening, the next week, we were talking on the phone and we got talking about what we wanted in a relationship and things we were looking for in that special someone. Next thing I knew he asked me out. (At this point I was wishing I could have been home.) So we made plans to go out in 2 weekends when I came home again. And over the next 3 months we mostly talked on the phone and hung out when I was able to come home over the weekends.

I finished E.N.G.S. at the end of July and started my job in Bethesda, MD. I lived with the family I was working for at the time so I was able to come home every weekend. Sam and I had a regural "date night" every week when he came down to visit me and we would go somewhere or just do whatever. My job situation wasn't the best as the year went along and as it got worse Sam and I grew closer together.

The first weekend in April 2009 was like any other weekend...so I thought. On Sunday afternoon we were just hanging out at his house with the family watching tv and he asked if I wanted to go to High Rock (a really cool look out place on the side of the mountain not fair from his house...which is also the first place we kissed and liked to go on nice afternoons/evenings).

So we went to High Rock and found an area to sit, bout ear shot away from most of the people there. Was having a casual conversation when he tried pointing something out in the distance....which took me a while to find. (Which is what he was trying to do too.) Next thing i knew i turned around, about to say something, and he's down on his knee. (Well, as much as he could in the area we were at...) I looked at the box in his hand and I couldn't even speak...and next thing I knew I heard, "Taina, I've found what I've always hoped for in the person I want to spend my life with. Will you be my wife?"

I was so shocked. We had talked about things, but I wasn't expecting it at all!! Without being able to say a word I shock my head yes and held out my hand for him to put the ring on my finger. As we sat there talking for a while longer I couldn't stop smiling or looking at it! Plus the sun setting infront of us made it an amazing evening. When the excitement started to slowly calm down we went to Apple Bees for dinner before I drove back to MD. Now it's been almost 11 months since that evening and I still feel like it happened last weekend. He's the best thing that's happened in my life and my best friend (next to my mom). lol. We have 5 more months of planning untill we can finally spend every day together (even thou the wedding is during his busiest working season). Hopefully I'll start posting more blogs with what's going as we get closer, along with pictures.

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So I've been engaged since April 5, 2009 and this is the first I'm writing anything. haha. The first 4 months of our engagement we didn't really go into planning too much cuz I lived away from home and was trying to relocate near home again (dealing with my boss at the time, trying to find a new job, apartment, ect...stressful). I feel like the last 10 1/2 months have gone soooo slow. I found my dress the second time I went shopping with my mom and best friend/MOH. And I spent most of that time looking at opinions, finding what I wanted, booked the church n the officant, plus tons of other things. We're 5 1/2 months from the wedding and I just now feel like things are moving along with the planning. Rather than just looking at things, we're finally doing things! :D My FH n I booked our honeymoon two weeks ago. Yay! We plan on renting until my student loan and our car loan is paid off, and save up for a nice home (or build) in an area we really like rather than something we come across now n just settle on...

All of the girls dresses are taken care of and the guys tux are picked out. I'm workin w/ my mom on finding her dress and decorations for the ceremony. I'm not much of a traditional or flower girl so I've come up the idea of doing something different on each of my tables. So far some ppl love the idea and some don't. I'm not too worried bout what ppl do or don't like thou since it's my wedding.