Oct 09, 2009

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       Hi everyone. My name is Elena and I'm getting married in October outside of Rochester Ny. I've never been that little girl that dreamt about her wedding, but have found that when it comes down to it I defintily had the wedding planning bug. I've been to very few wedding and my mother and best friend live too far away to help me with my planning hands on. With two months to go I am amazed at how everything is coming together almost effortlessly. So far I've had no Bridezilla moments.

       Im 26, college educated, live in a city and have co-habitated with my fiance for over 5 years. I consider my personal style to be young but classic. Originally I wanted to wear a short or tea length dress with a poofy tulle skirt and 3/4 length sleeves and a cage veil; very late 1950's aesthetic. Of course I ended up with the exact opposite, as so many of us do! Instead I'm planning on wearing a strapless drop waist, mermaid style ivory taffeta gown. It is from Watters Wtoo line, style Eva. The only detail on the dress is the ruching (folds) on the bodice. There is no beading, lace, embellishment what so ever. Im even replacing the flower that is supposed to go around the waist with a long ivory satin sash. I really love the modern lines and simplicity.

       We are getting married in a building that was once an old mill, but was renovated into an art gallery space above and a restaurant below. We are getting married in the gallery right after sunset. Its exposed brick walls and wood floors are really going along with the modern feel. I am forgoing a bridal party. It always seems to create problems, stress and certainly a bigger bill. In fact I find the idea a bit tortutous for everyone involed. Our siblings will be our official witnesses. We are writing our own vows.My groom will wear a taupe colored European cut suit from DKNY, because honestly every man needs some great suits, but a tuxedo will never be worn again!

       The restraunts decor is heavy on natural wood (wood floors, tables, chairs, bar, beams.) and the warmth and intimacy made the need for excessive flowers moot. I've really been trying to go the untraditional, traditional route ( no sit down dinner, but I'm not getting married in costume or overdoing a theme.) SInce mostly our families have never met I didn't want to plunk people down at tables and hope they'll get along (seating charts, another universal stresser!) so we are having hors d'oeuvres passed and a cheese and fruit and bread spread. I've never found alot of wedding food memorable, but I love little morsels and tapas. There will be less than 100 guests, so them roaming won't be a disaster. Some examples of the food we're having; Goat cheese and carmelized shallot tarts, vegtable spring rolls, mini crab cakes, scallops wrapped in bacon, ect...  This format should keep people moving around and chatting. I've heard alot about people discussing doing hors d' oeuvres to save money; that might be possible, but if you want quality I've found you will probably spend more than you would on a sit sown dinner. We are doing it for the feel of the wedding, not for money reasons. We spent about 5 times as much on the food as I did on my dress, but thats what was most important to me. Originally I wanted to opt out of the traditional cake and do cupcakes or other small desserts, but after much consideration we decided to go with a cake, drawing from our invitation design. We are also doing a large candy buffet for our favors. We bought wholesale white chinese takeout boxes to put it in and ordered customized stickers for them. Again I think people want to do a candy bar to save money on favors. It doesnt work. Even finding the apothocary jars for 10-12 dollars each it was 100 bucks for them (I bought 7) the containers and stickers were about 100 dollars total and the the candy is going to cost us 200-300. 500 dollars for favors for about 90 people is expensive! But it is also a form of decoration and WOW factor.

         Because we have no wedding party and I didn't want flower centerpieces we only spent 250 dollars on flowers, (boquet, buttonier and one centerpiece to go on the piano where the cheese and fruit will be.) So again, you can spend the money where you want and can go easy on other things, even if tradition, or family members say you should splurge. So far the plainning process has been wonderful and I'd love to get or give advice regarding any facet of the process or the day! I've got an English degree, but now I'm considering going into event planning. Lol. Then I can be a perpetual soon-to-be bride!