Oct 09, 2010

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Louis and I met in February 2007 through some mutual friends.  I was in Fayetteville visiting my best friend, Mary, when her sister invited us to meet up with her boyfriend and some of his friends.  When we arrived I was told "Tom and Louis are single...take your pick."  Louis and I seemed to hit it off but I lived in Springfield, MO about two hours away.  A couple weeks had past and I hadn't heard from him so I managed to get his phone number from my friend.  It took me a bit to get the courage to call him but I finally did.  After four months of seeing each other only on the weekends we did something crazy and moved in together.   

                                     OUR STORY photo 1

                                         Our First Picture Together - April 2007

We lived in our Fayetteville home untill June 2008 when we bought our little home in Rogers, AR on eight acres in the country. We live here with our four furry children, three dogs and a kitten. 

               OUR STORY photo 2      OUR STORY photo 3

                    Our Home and Family Photo - Louis likes to play farmer in his overalls :) 

I'm a travel agent so I'm always looking for good deals.  We happened to come across an incredible flight price for Kauai, Hawaii and being a travel agent I can usually get a discount at hotels.  We decided to go ahead and book it for July 15, 2009.  I had been hoping for a while that Louis would propose but never let my hopes get up too high. There were a few signs I had noticed but again refused to get too excited. 

It was the second day of our vacation.  We pulled over to sit on the beautiful beach, talk and watch some surfers.  We were sitting there talking about how we could just stay there forever and before I knew it Louis was getting on one knee, telling me how he had brought me to Hawaii to ask me to be his wife.  Of course I said yes! 

 OUR STORY photo 4 OUR STORY photo 5 OUR STORY photo 6

                                               The Beach Where Louis Proposed

Nearly three years later, I'm happy to say I picked the right one!

If you would like to view more of our pictures please go to



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I'm still working on the attire for the wedding party.  I'm thinking navy suits for the men and navy dresses for the bridesmaids.  I found this dress on, but may have to have it made due to lack of sizes. 

UPDATE:   I just happened to look on last Sunday and the stock was replinished with all the right sizes and 40% off.  I called my bridesmaids and with their approval we ordered them.  They all came in this week and I think everyone is happy.

                                              ATTIRE photo 1

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Our engagment pictures were taken by Catchlight Photography on October 25, nearly a whole year before our wedding.  We love the fall colors and don't think the leaves will turn by the wedding date so we decided to go ahead and have the beautiful leaves in our engagement pictures instead.  The day of our pictures it had been raining all morning, but the rain held off just enough for our pictures.....


                           ENGAGEMENT PICTURES photo 3   ENGAGEMENT PICTURES photo 4


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Why is it that the dress try-on pictures are ALWAYS bad? Keep in mind the dress is about a size too big and I need undergarmets. lol

I literally found my dress when I wasn't even looking and all by myself.  This was the first and only dress I tried on.  I was going to a boutique just for a free bridal magazine and thought I'd just take a look around at their lace with cap-sleeve gowns.  I ended up coming across this 2007 Pronovias Ecuador that I fell in love with.  It just happend to be 75% off in a sample sale, I knew it was a sign and the dress wouldn't last long.  Needless to say I walked out with a free magazine and a wedding dress.

              THE DRESS photo 1   THE DRESS photo 2

              THE DRESS photo 3   THE DRESS photo 4

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Louis did a wonderful job, he got the exact ring I picked out!  He proposed on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii during our vacation in July 2009.

     MY RING photo 1   MY RING photo 2 

             My engagement ring with Louis's mother's pearl necklace that I'm wearing on our wedding day.


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The reception will follow the ceremony at Pratt Place Inn and Barn.  The beautiful inn has seven rooms plus a two bedroom cottage.  Behind the inn is their barn, which is so neat inside.  The reception will be held inside the barn.

RECEPTION photo 1   RECEPTION photo 2

       RECEPTION photo 3   RECEPTION photo 4   RECEPTION photo 5