Dec 31, 2011

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I have 1 MOH and 5 BM's in my wedding party. They are all very speical to me and I wanted them to know that so I'm planning on giveing them:

DIY hanger, For the day of the wedding, so that they can hang their pretty dress's on it for the pictutres. here are my inspiration picture for them:

Personalized Stamped Wooden Hangers

Jewelry travel bag,  they can bring all their day of jewelry in one place and not worry about lossing them during travel:

BM gifts photo 1BM gifts photo 2BM gifts photo 3


Compact, would love to get them a smalll purse compact with their names engraved on them, similar to these:

PERSONALIZED-Mirrored Compact- Striking beautiful peacock featherBlack and White Damask with Pink Letter Pocket Mirror

Flip flops, will be getting them some sort of flip flop or some sort of foot wear so that if their feet start to hurt after the long day in heels, they can change and not be bare foot, it is going to be winter, similar to these:


DIY Clutches, Would really love to get them or make the girl clutches, I think it would give them something to use after the wedding is done, and they can place the compact that I'll give them in it for formal events, these are the one that I'll be makeing them:

DIY Scarfs, I will be giving them a silver or black scarf with their inital on it, so that they can stay warm during the formal photo's, they are my inpirational photos:

BM gifts photo 4BM gifts photo 5

snowflack Clip, would love to get them a clip for their hair or for their flowers on the day of the wedding, similar to these:

wedding day Jewelry: I will be DIY the girls jewelry set, It will includes and necklace, and ear ring, not sure on a bracelet yet. here are photo of what I want them to look like:

Tote bag, I will need a bag to put all their gift in so I thought I would buy then a canvas tote bag, with their names on it, but I'm not sure, so that they can re-use and always think of us when they use it, I want somethign like this:

7 Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Tote Bags


 BM gifts photo 6


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Ear rings: They will be pearl with a diamond halo that the women in my family have worn for the past 50 years. will update with photo's.

bracelet: fell in love with this from esty. hope it goes with the ear rings

Pearl and Crystal Vine Cuff Bracelet

Necklace: not sure if I will wear one. still looking.


Cluster bridal necklace with swarovsi pearls, crystals, and rhinestones

Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace

Crystal Vine Necklace

Hair clip/tiara: wea re thinking of having one custom made and brought from Puerto Rico for me B/c I can't find one that I like, but we will see. here is so,e of my inpiration:

wedding day jewelry photo 1

Crystal & Pearl Spray Hair Comb

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Not sure if I'll be havign my make-up done at the hotel, or do it my self, or go to Mac to get it done, but here are my inspiration for that day:

Wedding day make up photo 1

Wedding day make up photo 2Wedding day make up photo 3Wedding day make up photo 4Wedding day make up photo 5Wedding day make up photo 6Wedding day make up photo 7Wedding day make up photo 8Wedding day make up photo 9Wedding day make up photo 10LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

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Like we are ring the year in, we will have Happy New Year hats, tiaras, and noise makers handed out around 11:25 so that when we hit Midnight we are ready to celebrate. New Years Decor photo 1

We are also wanting to do either a balloon drop or confetti drop, or if they let us both

New Years Decor photo 2


New Years Decor photo 3

The balloon have to be made out of Mylar b/c Fi is death allergic to latex.

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We have choose to start of the new your in the best way as possiable, as husband and wife!!!!! We will be ringing the new year with all our family!!! can't wait.


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having so many DIY project thought that it would be easier to just put them all on one page.

DIY save the dates:

We are sending out magnet save the date:



DIY invites:



We will be DIY panel pocket invites. the pocket will be 8.5 x 5.5 and it will have three inserts, with a ribbon belly band. they will be black and silver. This is m mock up digital( if that makes sense)

 but I have change a few things.

DIY Programs:

We are not sure yet if we are going to do programs, we won't have a lot of people that don't know each other so it might just be a waste of time. But if we do decide to do them then they would look similar to these:

wedding programs

they will be 3.5 by 8.5, I also want them to fit into a shirt pocket or even a pant pocket so the will be pretty small.

DIY Memory candles:

like we won't have any living grandparents so we have decided to have candles for them. These are our inspiration: From fellow PW bride: jasminealaine.

DIY memory candles photo 1

They will be placed near the money box opposite side on the cake table, the marbles will be re-place with snow.

DIY Unity Candle:


DIY ring Pillow:

Silk Ring Bearer Pillow embroidered with Arabasque monogram silimiar to this may try to DIY, other wise will be getting it from here:


DIY flower girl basket:

Wooden stlye basket, with blue, and white, decor, holding fake snow.

DIY escort cards/ tree:

LOVE this idea for our ecosrt cards, the paper would be mini snow flakes:

DIY projects photo 7

Wooden Escort cards:

DIY projects photo 8 3" in white wooden snowflake with everyone's name on one side and there table number on the other. 20 cents each.

Plus having some escort cards be snowman that are on the table as well.

DIY centerpieces:

Getting vases from TJmaxx, Marshall, or Michaels. then the manzinatia trees(SP??) from

DIY sign:

Here is my inspiration for my door signs:

DIY Door signs photo 1DIY Door signs photo 2 

DIY lanttern lighting:

DIY projects photo 2 have about 30 so far.

DIY bridal hoodie:

DIY projects photo 4

DIY Dying petticoat:

DIY projects photo 6

DIY ailse runner:

DIY projects photo 8

DIY projects photo 9


DIY pie pops:

pie lollipops

 DIY photo curtain:

DIY projects photo 10

Get hemp string, tie two circle at the ends, and then get small cloths pins to hang the 4x6 photo's with.