Dec 31, 2011

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We are going for the imtamite romantic look. we are thinking with LOTS of candles, snow on the table. similar to these:

Tables will be with white table cloths, and three layers of tulle, not sure what color yet.


Napkin set-up Inspiration:

Table numbers:


Will be buying them from CARLENEO Will paint them black, and then put bling all around the actually photo space. will update once I do them .


I got the vases photo 2788192-8

I got the vases photo 2788192-9

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we are now looking into having

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here is are inspiration for our pathway;

pathway photo 1Reception, Lighting, Candles, April smith photography, Luminaries, Ashley kohler events, Chateau feliceReception, Dress, Lighting, Candles, Dancing, Events by heather ham


Found a great place to buy these luminary. they are a great price too.


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Engagment photo s photo 1Engagment photo s photo 2Engagment photo s photo 3Engagment photo s photo 4Engagment photo s photo 5Engagment photo s photo 6

will have more soon!

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I will be wearing two veils, on elbow, and a cathedral one. the cathedral one will be removed after the photo's or the first dance don't know yet, But I have decide to either have my hair half up, either flat or with curls don't know yet. I also fell in love you a do that includes a bread but i don't know how it going to look on e with my dress and all. but these are my inspiration:

the two veils:


Wedding day hair photo 3Wedding day hair photo 4

Possible other styles:

Wedding day hair photo 5Wedding day hair photo 6Wedding day hair photo 7


I love the fishtail photo 2878654-2I love the fishtail photo 2878654-9

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We would like this over the dance floor with the light that the venue already provides, we would re-place the balloons with white lantterns in different sizes, we would like a "bling" chandelier to re-place the heart at the gathering of all four post, but we will be ok will more lantterns. this all depends on the bugdet.




I would like to add lighting so that it looks like this but just in blue.

Reception hall photo 3original

would buy my up- lights from:

if that lighting dosn't work we will do this:

Around the edge of the building lights'


ALL Door entrence:

  entrance door: