Dec 31, 2011

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Fi's sister had her baby shower two weeks ago, and while we where there, the ladies in his family presented FI and I with our engagement basket, this basket is something they always do for recently engagement ladies if there family. it was great!!! the basket was huge and was so heavy that I couldn't carry it, it had so many goodies. Some of the goodies where: a wedding planner, four wedding magazines, toasting flutes, white flip flops for me and a pair of black ones for FI,  the everything destination wedding book, a huge bottle of bubbly, maracas b/c we are getting married in Mexico, and the best part is that these maracas Fifather got while there where on a trip to the resort that we are getting married at, a photo album, a ring photo frame,all wraped with tulle in the color of our wedding and some more stuff but I can't remember now, here are the photo's that I took.

Engagement basket photo 1Engagement basket photo 2

I love these ladies!!!!!

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We don't want a wedding party table, just a sweet heart table. this is our inspiration:

I will place my flower similar to this.

Sweetheart table photo 1

we will be sitting under a chuppha Archway inspiration:


 and like you will be able to see the structure we are DIY with similar twigs like :

Vintage Design Co. // Niagara Wedding // Canopy





UPDATE: 12/22/10

Just bought letter for our table from a fellow PW bride lsjhik.

this is what they look like now, but I'm going to paint them turquoise, and add brown gems to them. they will be place in the flower arrangements that will be in front of us.

 I would like to photo 2554739-1

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We have found a cake that we love, I know it's from one of the PW wedding but don't know which.  here it is: White, Red, Blue, Wedding, Black, And, Rock, Roll WE love it

the roses will be replaced with orchids,

 Orchid Wedding Cake 

and butterflies like this:


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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! it is perfect, everything that I want plus more.


MY ROCK photo 1MY ROCK photo 2


I final was able to take some creative photo with my point and shoot camera , still have to take photo's with my Marco, but here they are. the best part is that FI surprised me one Friday with flowers and what best time to take the photo's.

MY ROCK photo 3MY ROCK photo 4MY ROCK photo 5MY ROCK photo 6MY ROCK photo 7MY ROCK photo 8MY ROCK photo 9