Dec 31, 2011

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some of my pages can only be seen by friends, so add me as a friend and you will be able to see what I'm creating and want for my day.

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this is my idea for my shoes, Fi and I have always loved the idea of boot for our wedding day. 


these are the ideas that i have for the reception want to be every comfortable.



Winter boots for the photo's:

UGG Lo Pro Classic Tall White Womens 5687

Flats for the ceremony:

Open-Toe Lace Trim Faux-Suede Pumps

Heels for reception:



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I'm sorry if I have used one of your photo's with out giving you credit, just let me know and I'll add your name, I just don't remember from where or whom I took the photo's from.

We where planning a wedding for 11/12/2011 in Mexico, but do to poor communication from the resort we have decided that it would be better to cancel while we had time to.

So now we are planning a Winter wedding in New England, We still don't have a thing for this new wedding, but hopefully everything comes together.

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 New inspiration: