Jun 04, 2010

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Our Beautiful Baby Boy Cash Andrew photo 1Our Beautiful Baby Boy Cash Andrew photo 2Our Beautiful Baby Boy Cash Andrew photo 3

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Big wedding is still in June, but New Years Day, we had a surprise wedding in our own home with just parents and grandparents. Turned out fantastic!


My emotional and surprised mother:) Her face was priceless when she entered the door... Everyone thought they were coming over for family pictures.

Surprise Wedding photo 1

Surprise Wedding photo 2

My world wrapped up in one picture, my husband and son:)

Surprise Wedding photo 3

Surprise Wedding photo 4



Surprise Wedding photo 5


Surprise Wedding photo 6


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Getting married June 4, 2010. A little less than a year away! Lots to do but we have lots done already. Ceremony/Reception venue is paid off. Thank goodness. We have a DJ, cake, photographer, Engagement pictures taken and finished, and now... concentrating on the dress. I've looked at over 5,000 dresses just on this website (not counting all the dresses I've tried on and looked at on other sites) and not a single one is what I want. How frustrating. Leaves me only one option-Custom made dress.

I'm really looking forward to the day I marry my soulmate, and father of my beautiful son, Cash. Until that day, we'll be working hard and counting our blessings. We have such a beautiful life...