Oct 23, 2010

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Just booked my flight to go home the end of April/beginning of May!  There are a few things I need to get done while I'm home, and the first Monday in May is the Music Festival at Old St. Pat's (to figure out our ceremony musicians), so it works out to go back then!  :)

I'm actually a big DIY person...BUT, I won 40% off my invitations from Magnificent Milestones and Clover & Bee so who can resist checking them out for that much off!?  I cannot wait to see Kara's ideas!!!  

Besides the music fair and invitations, I'd really like to get a hair trial set up...but not sure if it's too early or not.  Also, I've found one or two flower places that are within my budget so I hope to go check them out at some point.  I'd love to get two of my girls together to go shopping, too.  We'll see about that, though.  ;)

Let's see...I guess that's it for now!  Until next time...


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I just fell in love with this dress:

Bridesmaid Dress possibility photo 1

It's Bari Jay style 644 - we would get it in this color, too - "mink" or chocolate brown.  The girls seem to like it, too, which is good!  If we can order them in the same store they'll get 15% off, but I have to check and see how much shipping would cost (since the store is here in MA and they are in IL). 

Slowly I feel like this wedding is coming together!!!  :)

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I almost forgot -- I got in our little cupcake table addition:

Put me in coach I m ready to play photo 1

Hehee...guess what FI says when he sees them?  Oh those are cute...but I'm left-handed and don't have that much hair!  HAA!  :)

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I finally got my dress!!!  I got her this past weekend when Anna (future sil and bridesmaid) went shopping for bridesmaid dresses.  Well, I do confess.   I called ahead to make sure one of the places had my dress in stock!  :)

The funny thing is, the only color I hadn't tried on yet was the all ivory (even the sash is ivory).  At first I thought oooo, do I like this?  I think I do...but I don't know...then Anna and the women at the shop said "That's IT."  hehe!  So I said "ok! No more waiting around!"  Good thing, too, because they said it could take up to 6 months to come in...eek!  So much for waiting til I went home or going up to NH!  ha!

She's so awesome...and NOTHING I ever thought I would get!  She's Karena Royale...a Maggie Sottero beauty.  I cannot wait until she comes in!  AND the best part??  I may not even need alterations!  Yep!  It fit perfectly in the store.  And guess what my Mom said?  Hey you don't even need to lose weight!  ha!  (I'm still gonna do that - at least TONE!)

So things are coming together slowly!  Whew!!  :)

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Wow, it'll be 2010 in a few short days...the year I'm actually getting MARRIED!!!  :)

We have been able to cross a few things off of our list since Thanksgiving:

  1. Old St. Pat's - church is paid for - met with the priest, too!
  2. Monastero Entertainment - DJ is set - down-payment has been sent and contract in my organizer!
  3. Gerber + Scarpelli - photographer is set - sent in HALF (eek!) just last week!
  4. Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro - reception spot is awesome - just having a hard time getting a hold of the contact person :(
  5. Molly's Cupcakes - taste-tested and approved - YUM!  Can't wait to pick out the flavors (I'm thinking at least one will be a seasonal flavor, like pumpkin or apple!)

While home we did get some good recommendations for the hotels and for transportation - still working on that.  We plan on sending out our Save-the-Dates in the next couple of weeks!  :D

Also, I definitely know what dress I want to get - Maggie Sottero is AWESOME!  What's my problem?  Do I get it here or back home?  I'd save on taxes if I got it in NH, but my mom could do the alterations.  Hmmm...

Let's see...I think that's it.  Now I'm trying to get ideas for the invites and reception centerpieces.  Hopefully that will be fun!  :)

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I cannot WAIT to get back home to do some serious wedding planning!  I feel soooo far behind, but after I see the church, talk to the priest, go to the reception spot, taste-test some yummy goodness, go wedding dress shopping with my MOM, meet with an awesome photographer...I'll totally feel better...RIGHT!?!?  ;)

I've made a few arrangements and continue to keep up with what I'd like to see while we're back.  I'm so excited to make some more decisions!

Hope all is well with everyone - love to read and view all the fun stuff going on with you all!