Jul 17, 2010

Events by Karen Lee
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We would not have been able to pull off our celebration of three ceremonies, four locations, and 400 people without Karen.

Karen is friends with my husband and I've always known her to be warm and friendly. And although we are friends, Karen was extremely professional during our first official DOC meeting (which was about a month before the wedding). She had questions about the ceremonies and reception including minute logistics that we didn't even think of. At our second meeting, we ironed out all the little details and pending questions from the first meeting. She made sure she had all our vendors' and helpers' contact info along with everyone who was participating in our ceremonies (moms, dads, uncles, etc.). She is THOROUGH. She got in touch with our vendors and helpers the week of our wedding to make sure everyone was on the same page.

At our rehearsal, our officiant was running late so Karen stepped in and had us rehearse as much as we could without him. She is sweet and gentle but commands authority. Karen rounded everyone up and organized our processional and recessional so that everyone knew exactly what to do.

Second to her thoroughness, I really appreciated Karen's promptness. With three ceremonies in three different locations plus a separate reception site, we needed a schedule. Karen laid everything out for us. On our wedding day, she showed up early at my parents' house where I was getting ready and the site of our first ceremony. She stayed with us until the ceremony ended and made sure we stuck to our schedule. Karen came with us to the second ceremony and again made sure we were relaxed but on time. At the third ceremony in the church, I was feeling pretty nervous so I'm not sure what was happening while I was changing into my second dress. I just know that the moment those two doors opened and I was walking out, the church looked beautiful and our guests were all at their seats with beautiful music playing perfectly to Karen's cue.

During the reception, Karen took care of calling vendors who were running late and handling our payments so we didn't have to worry about that. She made sure dinner service started and stopped at the appropriate times, and made sure we didn't go over the allotted time for the traditional table greetings. I can't tell you how important this was for us; since we stuck pretty closely to our timing, we got to dance and spend more time with everyone on the dance floor.

Karen went above and beyond what I expected of a DOC and I can't share enough how grateful we are for her help. This was our first (and only ;) ) wedding but Karen has done many and her experience was an invaluable resource for us. If you hire Karen, you will feel so comfortable on your big day knowing that you have someone besides yourself who knows all the fine details and can execute! Karen is awesome and you will be so thankful, as husband and I are still gushing over how much we needed her.

Services used: Wedding Planning