Jun 20, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Choosing Bluume for our wedding was by far the BIGGEST mistake my husband and I made in planning our wedding (everything else about our wedding was perfect and wonderful! But I digress). We met with Christine about 8mon or so before our wedding. Right away, we both felt like she was a very sweet person and very on top of things, so we decided to go with Bluume. About 2-3 months before the wedding, I asked her when I could get a picture of what the centerpieces would look like and also if she rented out apothecary jars (which we needed for a candy station). She assured me she would send a picture soon, and that yes, she had apothecary jars, which she would get me prices. Sounds good, I thought. As the weeks went by and I didnt hear from her, I started to get a little concerned. I sent her a few more emails, which she did not reply to. She finally responded and said she would get it to me asap. Wella week and a half before the wedding, she sent me an email saying that she had actually offered the apothecary jars to another couple first (though she hadnt mentioned there being only one set to me) and that they had decided to use them! Worse, attached to the email was a picture of the centerpiece and it was exactly as I fearednothing like my husband and I had wanted. My fianc immediately called Christine, hoping to get this resolved quickly (we were quite willing to accept that we may have not been clear in our wishes or there was some kind of miscommunication). Instead of great customer service as we had expected (ya know Oh Im sorry. Lets get this worked out kinda thing), she proceeded to ARGUE with him and say stuff like well that is not what you said at our meeting and such! She called back a few days later (now less than a week before our wedding) at 11pm to argue more with my fianc! I honestly didnt want to piss off any of my vendors that close to the wedding in fear that they wouldnt show or something (plus my stress level was too high as it was) so I told him to just forget it. Though she was determined to be right she said she would add the elements that we found lacking from the centerpieces. On the day of the wedding, I personally didnt see Christine, but I was told that when she arrived and our wedding coordinator (a saintsee my review for Thomas John Events) proceeded to question her about some details, she began to argue with her as well! My fiancs mom called my fianc to check to make sure everything was ok, and decided to put her on the phone with him. Apparently she had NOT added the elements as discussed and proceeded to argue with him moreon our wedding day!!! After getting off the phone with him, she apparently threw the phone back at my future mother-in-law and stormed off. I understand misunderstandings and miscommunications, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for being rude to anyone in my family or anyone involved in the wedding at all. Christine is the worst businesswoman I have ever met and her customer service is abominable. She is sweet until she had your money, and then is incredibly rude and disrespectful. PLUS after the wedding, she ignored all our emails/voicemails; therefore it took over a month and threatening legal action for us to get our deposit back. AVOID BLUUME/OUTBURST FLOWERS AT ALL COSTS!!!
Services used: Flowers