Jan 09, 2010

Eddie Mulkeen Wedding Photography
( 1.2 / 5.0 )
I would not work with Eddie again if given the chance. PM me for more detail.

Final product was great, after much work by myself, my husband and some friends. He didn't do as much as I thought he would to ensure a quality product.
Services used: Photography

Simply Stated Elegance
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
Working with Jeni at Simply Stated Elegance was a nice experience. She is the sole designer/owner of the business and does all work herself. At first I was a bit thrown off because we met only at the wholesalers, not her shop, but after talking with her, it made sense. She wanted the client to see where she purchased the flowers and be able to see them in person before picking out types that they like. After our first visit (2 hours) I had a general price and design for all of my flowers. Throughout the planning year, we fine tuned the floral needs. She was very communicative with my questions and responded fast through e-mail. The day of was a bit hectic, but she did allow me to use her vases without charging me, just because mine were already up in the reception hall. Her work was fantastic, but nothing over the top. A
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Working with The Mermaid and Carol Back in particular was one of my greatest experiences while planning my wedding. She was not the first planner that we met with or signed on with at The Mermaid, but stayed with us through the year and our event. Carol is excellent at her job, and really made us feel like The Mermaid wanted our business. They made certain exceptions to their rules and helped us in more ways then I thought a reception hall ever would. For example, when our church would not allow us to get in until 1 hour before the ceremony, The Mermaid offered us two rooms to get ready in so that we could just leave our stuff and cars at the site and get them once we were done getting married - two rooms for only $100 rented from 6am-9pm! This saved us tons of stress moving people around, we were able to have our transportation pick us up at The Mermaid before the wedding and then return there after - no cars to shuffle, no bags to haul. It was wonderful. The Mermaid was our favorite vendor by far and we would love to work with them again. As far as the catering, the food was from what I hear, some of the best the guests had ever had at a wedding. I didn't get to eat a whole lot, but from what I tasted at the wedding and tasting, I knew it was good! Kudos to the whole Mermaid team, each person did a wonderful job at helping us get through the wedding day without any snags. A++++
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Midwest sound was fantastic to work with. They are very organized and their DJ's were very professional, from the interaction that we had. I loved the way our DJ worked the crowd - kept us moving all night long!
Services used: DJ

North Country Bridal
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Great service, small family owned shop - wide variety of dresses to look through and I ordered through her a dress that I saw somewhere else that she didn't carry. She was able to match the price and I was much more satisfied with the service North Country provided. Everything that Barb and the other shop employees did for me was wonderful. I did not have to ask twice for something more than once and it was taken care of. It seemed like they really appreciated my business and I know I will return if I am ever in need of another formal dress. Thanks Barb!
Services used: Dress & Attire

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
$160 includes air brushed foundation, false lashes (individuals, not strip kind) and a full trial. Working with Smart and Chic was so much fun. I never thought that I would like getting my make-up done by someone else, especially after all of the horror stories I have heard in the past. HOWEVER, I was totally floored when I worked with Cathi how relaxed and easy it was to get into the beauty mode. I am not typically a heavy make-up wearer and she really listened to what I wanted and asked what I thought at critical stages of application. The trial was really early (8am one winter morning) and both my mom and I wanted to try out the full looks to see what we thought. I think we were in the shop (outside of downtown MPLS) for almost three hours, trying out different looks and asking for more or less of this and that. Cathi was very patient and worked with us until we liked every detail. She was even very caring when my mom got a bit emotional about her aged eyelids and starting to look older - giving her options about how to deal with the appearance of them. We both left feeling great and thinking about what we liked and didn't want for next time. The day of came and Cathi and her second person (cannot remember her name, but she did hair and make-up as well) arrived on time, ready to go. We had a packed room - there were 8 girls, videographer, two photographers and three stylists in the room, all getting hair and make-up done at the same time. They were very good at getting everyone done on time, looking gorgeous! When my turn came, I was a bit unraveled. Cathi sat me in a corner so I could just drink my coffee and get airbrushed. It was a welcome distraction from all of the going on's of the morning. I had been up since 4:30 (4 hours of sleep) and was not in primping condition! She worked wonders and had me looking like a million bucks in less then an hour! Another nice thing, she requested that I chug my coffee and brush my teeth before I had my lips done so that she could apply them and they would stick. it was nice to get the chance to brush my teeth again! I asked for more lips then in the trial and she had all the stuff ready to go, no questions asked. Mom was the same way, wanting more on then trial, and it is like Cathi anticipated our needs - she is ON THE BALL! I wish that I could have Cathi do my make-up for every important event. It lasted all day, was more comfortable then anything - lotion, make-up, etc. and looked great. I cannot recommend the airbrushing enough, it was just what I needed and felt like nothing at all, coming from someone who does not wear any on a normal basis. The nicest part, the make-up came off without incident after the wedding. Just a little warm water and my beauty was down the drain! It was nice to not have to use some strong make-up remover to get ready for bed - especially at 4am! This is a great business and I would recommend SmartNChic to anyone who wants to feel special on a special day. A+++
Services used: Beauty & Health

Sandals Resorts- Jamaica
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
7 nights stayed at Sandals Dunn's River, price above reflects land and air fees. This resort is just as most previous reviews have said. Small, intimate location, private and personable staff. Clean and welcoming. We loved it and will hopefully return to this same location sometime in the future.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I heard about Nancy and her team on other wedding boards and felt we should give working with a travel agent another try based on the reviews alone. We were not local to Nancy, so that was my first unfounded concern about working with her something she proved over time and time again that held no bearing to how she runs the business. Both Tony and I felt that we were working with a long time friend, rather then interacting with a travel agent. We had a not so good experience working with a local travel agent three years ago and vowed that I could do just as much background work as she did to save the money. Well, Nancy and her staff know their stuff and do 200% more work then I could ever do on my own even from 100s of miles away! The team at My Island Getaways was always one step ahead of what I was asking. They anticipated my dreams about my honeymoon and helped make them reality it was seriously that good. Here is what I can remember about the interactions that we had with Nancy Finn and her staff while planning our honeymoon. There is so much to comment on! To give you some background, Tony and I had no idea where we wanted to go for our honeymoon, as long as it was warm and all inclusive. We both agreed that we wanted to try to find an affordable room, nothing to fancy and a quaint resort with good food and a good staff. Our past travel agent experiences including getting booked at a massive resort, that we had to take a bus to the lobby or the other end of the resort and the food was no better then an old country buffet, bland, nasty, and something we could make better at home! The staff their was not personable at all, in fact we preferred to stick to one of the beach bars because the bartender took care of us and had more to say then wheres my tip? The beach was also a disappointment, it was dirty and un-kept. After hearing about Nancy, I dug around a bit on her website; everything I saw was right in line with what I saw on the bridal reviews very organized, new pictures from HER vacations and specific resort information and details that you could not find anywhere else. I decided to give Nancy a call, just putting the feelers out there. Nancy and I talked for over an hour the first time just so she could see what Tony and I wanted from our honeymoon. I was open about our concerns with the last vacation we booked through a travel agent and she was not sales pitch-y at all. We talked a lot about the food at the resorts she books through, mostly because if we were going to do this again, I wanted to make sure we were getting good bang for our buck, not some phony resort that was all Americanized. After we hung up, I guess they researched different resorts for us based on what we wanted because, Nancy called ME to touch base again with specific room/location quotes based on our budget and desired needs from the resort. That was the first thing we were impressed with, Nancy always had our budget in mind, keeping us at the highest level of service for the lowest cost at all times. She knew details about each resort and took pride in being able to give specific examples of when she was staying at the resorts. I loved that she was not too good to stay where we ended up staying. I knew that I was placing a high level of trust in Nancy to interpret our wants and needs from our honeymoon, over time I came to find out, that is why she is stellar at her job she knew more of what we wanted then we did! After Tony and I narrowed down the list to three resorts, Nancy looked into specific pricing at three different levels of rooms at each Sandals resort (total of 9 pricing options) so we could see where our budget would fit in at each resort. After all of the evaluation, we decided to go with Sandals Dunns River because it was our favorite resort on paper, and we could get the best room location/level for our budgeted amount. It was the smallest of the three resorts, but that was what we wanted; we were also able to get a better room level for cheaper because the resort was smaller compared to most. We ended up booking for the mid level room kind of far in advance, knowing I would be less stressed if I had that taken care of. As you probably already know, many off the beaten path questions come up when you are going to a new location. I asked all of them! Even those that I knew I could find the answer to myself such as: do we need a visa, are our checked luggage bags going to cost $, do they accept American $ at the resort, are we safe bringing our wedding rings, what are the excursions, what time do the excursions close, what days do cruise lines come in, what excursions would you recommend, what excursions might not run if it rains, etc., etc., etc. We had TONS of questions. We had never stayed at a Sandals and knew we were headed straight for luxury when Nancy returned most questions, the same day, with answers like, they take care of that, the airlines already know, Sandals does that for you, Ill take care of this and let you know, etc. Nancy was on her A-game We felt as if we were her only clients and she was really working to make us have the best vacation possible, not a sale. There were also several flight changes throughout the year, all of which she notified us of immediately and communicated what that meant for layovers, transportation, costs of the tickets etc. Come the week of the wedding, we did not hear anything from Nancy this was nothing that alarmed me, up until we were getting ready to leave our house for the airport and wondering - was everything ready to go?!?! Once we finally made it to Montego Bay, Jamaica we knew we were in for a treat. It seemed like we were the only ones headed for a life of luxury we were very giddy with anticipation. After taking the bus all the way to Sandals Dunns River (we were in a coach, but we heard some people had a van or other transportation depending on the size of the group going at that time) we were immediately greeted by the concierge welcoming staff. They explained that our room had been upgraded (courtesy of Nancys relationship with the resort), and that our room was all ready to go. This was one of many unexpected surprises from being a part of Nancys Crew. They had someone bring us up to our room, all the while telling us about the different places on the resort as we walked around. After getting settled into the room a little bit, we saw a personalized note from Nancy welcoming us and telling us about the staff (managers list) on site if we needed anything to call. We actually did need the manager right away; somehow the safe had been locked before we got there. The night manager was not yet there, but they said he would come up at 10:30 when he got in. At 10:01 he knocked and we were both caught off guard turns out being on time, even early is expected at Sandals. When we ordered room service for delivery between 9 and 9:30, it was not even 9:05 each morning before they brought it in! That was super cool we are a very timely couple and that was something we will always remember. From that point on it was pure relaxation. The resort was just as Nancy said everything was absolutely phenomenal and never left us expecting something more. She did a great job at scoping out which resort would be best for us as a couple, as well as helping us pick our excursions. We knew all about them before we even got there, knew what to bring to wear, what to bring with us off of the resort and what to leave behind. We found that once we did go off of the resort, you could tell the difference between someone who had Nancy as a travel agent (us) and someone who was not well prepared for their outings. We loved being the well prepared tourists! The resort lived up to EVERYTHING Nancy and her team promised. The food was spectacular, the staff was awesome, truly friendly and the environment was safe and secluded. I can honestly say that if I had not come across so many positive reviews, and subsequently booked with Nancy Finn our honeymoon would have been way more stressful and less fulfilling. Every need or want that we had from planning, booking, arrival, staying and departure was calm and organized. It was the first time in our lives that we ever been treated like VIP it was amazing and something we will never forget. We can only dream that our next vacation will be just as relaxing. I cannot think of a better way to travel then as a part of the expert team at My Island Getaways. Thank you so much Nancy you did a wonderful job!
Services used: Travel, Unique Services