Sep 26, 2009

Mountain Avenue Bridal
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I ordered my dress back in October at the "she said yes" bridal show, paid in FULL. I was told my dress would be here in March. March came called and Patty told me "oh you were the only bride not called Pronovias is back ordered and will be here soon". March came and left so did April, May, June and July with many phone calls to the store. I was told it was the dress companies fault, the old employees faults the messed up, etc. The end of July I called and spoke with Patty herself and she said it was on its way. My mom went up the store talked to her and was told the same thing. Then my fiance called the other store that carries Pronovias in Colorado and was told the truth. My dress was never coming. My mom got the money back after going back up there. I went on a wedding website and told them what was going on and they forwarded it to Patty and I got crazy emails from Patty saying terrible things and saying that NATO would not let the other store get my dress. Um I think NATO has bigger things to do then worry about my wedding dress. She was nasty and called me a liar when all I did was tell exactly what happened. Then she emailed me again saying not to email her again and I was harassing her when she was the person emailing me. If you are in this situation go to THE BRIDAL COLLECTION in Greenwood Village and have Camille help. She rush ordered my dress due to there not being much time left and has other options for you even if you think there is none. They did all this and were really kind and did not make me pay a bunch more for my dream dress. I am so sorry for all you other brides out there that this is happening to, I know how you are feeling right now and it is awful. I TAKE IT BACK SHE NEVER REFUNDED THE MONEY OR RERAN IT AGAIN ON MONDAY!!!! NOW WE HAVE TO GO TO THE FORT COLLINS POLICE!!!!
Services used: Dress & Attire, Jewelry, Wedding Planning