Oct 10, 2010

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My Precious photo 1

It's absolutely beautiful in person!!!!!

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We're planning a food and drink filled honeymoon to New Orleans!  We're so excited about this.  We've been wanting to go for the longest- hearing so much about the great food.  Nate and I are self proclaimed foodaholics. We live for good food and drink, making The Big Easy, well, the easy decision :)

Staying in a suite at the Windsor Court hotel.  We're having the Grill Room serve dinner in our room when we arrive (9 1/2 hr drive, yikes!) so we can relax and enjoy the view!!!

The Big Easy BABY photo 1

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Here are some of the projects we have to tackle for the wedding:

DIY Madness photo 1

Cover containers for centerpieces. Planning on making 50 or so. 

DIY Madness photo 2

Invitations. This is going to be one of the biggest undertakings.  Making our own pocketfolds and printing the invitation wording ourselves.  Hopefully I dont pull too much hair out before its all done.


 DIY Madness photo 3

Table numbers.  We plan on having numbers similar to this on each of the tables.  Probably just add a dowel and put into the centerpiece itself.


 DIY Madness photo 4DIY Madness photo 5

Need to make signs for the bar and buffet.  I'll probably use black frames and a damask border around each of the signs.  We're going all out with the whole cajun theme.  A local restaurant called the French Market Grille will be doing all the food and service.  We're saving a bundle because they're not a traditional catering company.  Planning on serving up things like jambalaya, red beans & rice, po boy's(and they'res are THE BEST), bbq shrimp(its not really bbq sauce its a butter sauce), and shrimp remoulade.  I'll try to read up on some history behind each and incorporate it into the signs too.  We're not having a full bar, instead to keep with the theme, we'll be serving Hurricanes (they were invented in New Orleans-I couldn't make this up if I wanted!!!) and serveral varieties of Abita beer (its brewed right outside of N.O.s).  Of course sweet tea!!!  Us southerners need our sweet tea :)

 DIY Madness photo 6DIY Madness photo 7

 Signature Frame!!!  I was shocked when I saw how much some people charge to make these!  Going down to the local Michaels and doing it myself. 

DIY Madness photo 8

Make 75 or so favor bags.  Papermart has plain black matte bags (100 of them) for $9 bucks.  Embelish with a little ribbon and some damask paper...and voila...or at least I hope VOILA!!!  Again...another project I hope I dont rip my hair out for.....

 DIY Madness photo 9

Of course the hair pin :) I've got the flower and the clips, still on the look out for a pin or brooch for the middle. has some great directions from other brides on the how to's.

DIY Madness photo 10

Chair labels for the Mr. and Mrs.!  This idea seemed simple enough.




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Hi there!! My name is Amy and my fiancee's name is Nate, we met each other nearly 10 years ago through the company we work for.  In the early days we never could really get our timing right, and it seemed like one of us was always in a relationship with someone else.  Many years later we both found ourselves single and decided to start dating.  We were both amazed at how much we had in common!!! We've been together now for nearly 3 years and are getting married Oct. 10, 2010 (yeah- the date started out as a joke with friends!) He is my best friend and I couldn't think of anyone else in the world I'de rather spend my life with. I feel so blessed knowing I am marrying my soul mate!! 

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Candy Buffet photo 1Candy Buffet photo 2

Candy Buffet photo 3Candy Buffet photo 4

Candy Buffet photo 5

YUMMY! I think the kids are really gonna get a kick out of this one!!! I can see Aidens face light up :) Thinking of having close to 20 different varieties in a bunch of assorted clear jars and various other containers. I will try to borrow most of the containers to help keep the costs down.  You'de be surprised what you can use thats already laying around your house! 

Sticking with the color scheme and going with red and black candies (which shouldn't be too hard). We'll be using a 6' table. And placing it adjacent to the buffet table and cake table.  It'll all look amazing!

Here's a few of the types we'll be offering

  • red and black gummy raspberries (my absolute favorite of all time)
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Twizzlers
  • Gummy cherries
  • black or red m&m's..or both
  • red candy sticks
  • 60% Lindt Dark Chocolate (black packaging)
  • Very Cherry Jelly Bellys
  • Red Sour Punch Straws
  • Red Lollipops
  • Atomic fireballs offers 100 black matte bags (4-5/16"x2-3/8"x8-3/16") for $8.98.

Candy Buffet photo 6Candy Buffet photo 7


I thought these candy trees were the coolest ideas!!!  I'm dying to see the Aiden and the others kid's reaction when they see it done! WOW, I'll be every parents worst nightmare :) Mwa ha ha. 20 or so kids jacked up on sugar. SCORE.

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We are planning on making our own invitations. Yeah, another DIY project!  But hey, I'de rather do it myself for cheap rather than spend a fortune on someone doing it for me.

Here's the plan:

Invitations photo 1Invitations photo 2

I plan on making my own pocket folds.  It seems pretty easy enough.  There's a section on that has a diy walk through.  We will place a picture of us kissing or cuddling behind the invite printed on clear vellum.  The response cards and other information will be held in the pocket at the bottom of the invite.  Checked pricing on the supplies, we should be able to complete all 40 for under $50.  That's including all the pocket folds, pictures(reprinted at for .09 cents each!), vellum printed invites, inserts, red ribbon bellyband, and decorative bling.