Oct 16, 2010

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So i have a minor....maybe major obsession over food. I can eat like nobodies business! my fi as well is a huge piggy just like me, we are perfect for each other. so picking the menu is going to be the best part! we havent picked anyone yet because i think we will leave it to his parents to pick, i really want Gordon Ramsy! but that is a stretch! So for our menu we wanted to do all our favorite in all the different food groups. Meats: filet mignon, gourmet burgers. Chicken: a small hen. Fish: either tuna, or salmon. Pasta: this one is a hard one because i love all kinda and i am making myself so hungry! And a veggie dish: his dad has an award winning garden with the most amazing veggies, thinking we will just make something up from that. and the desserts....that could take me forever to tell you what all we will have. but we couldnt pick what flavor cake we wanted so we thought we might as well have all of them (it turns out, we have 11 favorite flavors) so 11 different cakes, smores, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, donuts, and because i have such a sweet tooth....a candy buffet of all my favorites. I am so excited for this part!

 The Food photo 1The Food photo 2The Food photo 3The Food photo 4The Food photo 5The Food photo 6The Food photo 7The Food photo 8The Food photo 9The Food photo 10The Food photo 11The Food photo 12The Food photo 13The Food photo 14

And then for the kiddos i was thinking it would be super fun to do this......

The Food photo 15

The Food photo 16

The Food photo 17

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Couture photo 1Couture photo 2Couture photo 3the first here are all short, ideas for the rehearsal dinner dress, as you can see i like my dresses short and playful. all of these are so cute and fun, wish i could make up my mind!Couture photo 4Couture photo 5Couture photo 6Couture photo 7

now the rest here are my ideas of bridesmaids. they will be made so i will have to come up with some styles and designs and also check with the BM to see which one they will feel comfortable in. 

Couture photo 8Couture photo 9Couture photo 10Couture photo 11Couture photo 12Couture photo 13

the rest of the pictures are ideas for my own dress and some super awesome shoes! i know i should probably wait on finding the shoes because i am sure there will be some really cool ones to come out next year. but here are just some ideas. shoes are also for bridesmaids.

Couture photo 14Couture photo 15Couture photo 16Couture photo 17Couture photo 18Couture photo 19Couture photo 20Couture photo 21Couture photo 22Couture photo 23Couture photo 24Couture photo 25Couture photo 26there are so many that i like, i want to take a little from each to make my own!

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Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10Flowers photo 11

as you can see i have a minor obsession with peonies. I just think they are so beautiful. they are fluffy and big and smell amazing. i am afraid although, that peonies might not be in season in october (i actually know they are not but i am hoping they will still be around) my colors are a little different than the pictures you see here. i wont be doing the bright pinks. they are amazing but just not what i have in mind. I am looking for something more pale pink and a dark purple. even the white would be pretty. I also really like the green flowers above. and the arrangements of most of these pictures. wont be doing anything tall. all short and wide (hate when you can see over the tables because of a huge tall arrangement. so just a few ideas.....still looking!

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Family and Friends photo 1

this is my fi's dad side of the family

Family and Friends photo 2

my dad and little brother.

Family and Friends photo 3

my adorable mom and me

Family and Friends photo 4

me with my ladies

Family and Friends photo 5

going for a ride....how do i involved my horses in with a malibu wedding? 

Family and Friends photo 6

one of moms BFF, Norda, i love her

Family and Friends photo 7

dad, trey, and nathan, my brothers

Family and Friends photo 8

playing with the girls

Family and Friends photo 9

my baby cooking a very yummy dinner!

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Hi everyone! 

So...we are getting married October 2 2010, (10 to 10)....(ten two ten)....i like that way that sounds. But we picked 10.2.10 for a few different reasons, we got engaged in july and needed time to take classes and  for my fi to become a catholic.....big deal so we had to push  it back. also because we wanted a fall wedding and fall in ca is SO nice! santa monica, malibu.....so right by the water

colors are changing all the time, its going to be an eclectic wedding, all different colors but in the same shades.....a pale pale pick, eggplant purple, and black. with some emerald greens. such as, i will wear a magnolia in my hair will their dark green leaves.....and my fi will wear one but on his jacket. no one else will have green. and my shoes ( i am hoping will be a dark velvet blue, sapphire blue, along with sapphire earings...which will be my something blue! But those are my colors and the bridesmaid i am still in a bind weather to do all different colors or all the same.....ugh! The flowers will be all different as well....pictures to come!


Rachael s Bio photo 1
this is a dress idea. my dress is going to be made and i will have to come up with three different ideas to mend into one. this one that olivia wilde wore last year was a favorite i have never forgotten about. the beading is amazing and the style is well my style! i am not sure tho...i want to do something strapless, i love to show off my neck and shoulders, i feel it is sexy without showing too much. and i love sweetheart bust. very flattering. the color is very pretty, but i am told i am not aloud to wear anything but white, (white???) maybe a musty white...im just not that traditional. not sure i like the waist line either....would take that out and go for something a little more...hippy? hug the hips, for shape, the right shape.

Its nice that we dont have to worry about a photographer. fis family is well equipped with that area. very excited for the results.

Rachael s Bio photo 2
this is an idea for our invitations.....really not sure what to choose, there are so many cool ideas out there. This is rad, i love the vintage glam.
 Rachael s Bio photo 3
the reception is going to be very intimate. this photo is a perfect example of how i inversion it all to look. it will be held at fis family home, they have a tennis court that we will dress up, hardwood floors, canvas tent, a wall of string light, and tons of flowers like so......maybe the chandelier as well....
Rachael s Bio photo 4
i am not sure how i will do my hair and make-up, but i am guessing it will be something along the lines of this.....i have green eyes, very green eyes and i think the green eye shadow would make them really pop. i also like the hair, mine is long and i want to do something wavy, curly like s uch.
Rachael s Bio photo 5 c7_s" alt="Rachael s Bio photo 6" width="350" height="267" />
my fi adn i are huge, i mean HUGE sweet people, we love cakes ( well i might like sweets more that he) but we have this fabulous idea to do all our favorite flavors and have a "cake table" or dessert buffet. this is my favorite part, well it all is.
Rachael s Bio photo 7
my baby and i, in telluride, right after we got massages, we were really greasy but soooooo relaxed! that was a GREAT weekend getaway! best, ever.