May 31, 2008

( 4.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I were on a very strict budget, with that said we really needed to shop around. Since we were the organizers and were runing with all the costs we had to be extremely concious about our expenses and needed to compromise constantly. While planning our wedding we decided tha the best route for us was to try to do the "one time shop" thing. We were well aware of the stressed that come with throwing a wedding together with 200 guests! We hated the thought of having to deal with different vendors, making different payments and so on. We were exited when we found The Meridian Club and it was more perfect when they had our wedding day open. Their services were wonderful, they made us feel so confortable, when ever you needed them they were there to answer questions, and clarify any doubts we had. Their event organizer Jennifer was wonderful! What can I say we were her priority! Jennifer always replied on the same day if I sent her an e-mail about something, and was there when we needed to contact her. The were very compromising with our budget, never pushy or discouraging. When trying their dinner dishes it was so hard for us to decide, with all of them being so delicious. Their Chef was there during our taste tasting our questions and made us feel very confortable. They also made our cake, which I have to say was the best thing ever! We brought in a picture of a cake we had found on line and they did an expectacular job with it, they nailed it to the "T" and the taste was amazing! The ambiance for the reception was outstanding and parking was no issue since they have their own parking structure right across where the venue took place. Our guest were able to enjoy some orderves right before the reception and a cash bar was set up for their injoyment as well. One thing I will recommend is to make sure the sitting map you are given to arrange your guest replicates exactly how the room will be set up. Unfortunately eventhough they did a good job following our sitting chart somehow some of our tables were fliped, some of the ones on the left ended up on the right. Other than that the organizer was on top of everything that evening, and all we did was enjoy ourselves. We definetely feel we made the right choice in venue and caterer. If you are looking for a place that will take everything in one bill this is the place to go to. They will take care of everything from your table clothes and chair covers to making sure you have the best day ever! Thanks Meridian Club Steve and Gladys
Services used: Wedding Venue