Sep 18, 2009

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The day came and went, and it was amazing.  Here's a quick shot at some of our pro pics.  I haven't received the disc yet, just a sampling.

Married photo 1

Married photo 2

Married photo 3

Married photo 4

Married photo 5

Married photo 6

Married photo 7

Married photo 8

Married photo 9

Married photo 10

Married photo 11

Married photo 12

Married photo 13

Married photo 14

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My wedding shoes

The Trimmings photo 1

He's a huge Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey fan; so, I found these

The Trimmings photo 2

Napkins for the cake and to decorate the table

The Trimmings photo 3

Toasting Glasses

The Trimmings photo 4

Jewelry I've picked up, not sure about some/all of it though

The Trimmings photo 5

The Trimmings photo 6The Trimmings photo 7

The Trimmings photo 8The Trimmings photo 9

Made a small photobook with MyPublisher that I'll use for a guest book.

The Trimmings photo 10


The Trimmings photo 11


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Ceremony:  Friday, September 18, 2009, at 5 p.m. on the beach in Ocean City, MD.

The Details photo 1

Officiant:  Jeffrey Gisriel ... http://www.gatheringguide.com/event_dir/md_maryland/sp_wedding_officiants_25514.html

Photographer:  Sam Ellis ... http://www.samellis.com

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Tungsten Carbide with carbon fiber detail in the center for him.

The Rings photo 1


I went with white gold, which is a complete change for me.  I've only ever worn yellow gold.  Anyhow, white gold, 1/2 ctw, rounds, princess, and baguettes.

The Rings photo 2

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We're not having a reception really.  After the ceremony on the beach, we're going back to the condo to cut a cake, order some take out, and hang out for a bit.  Then we're all going across the street to a club to party.  ;)

The Cake photo 1The Cake photo 2

Cake:  Lisa ... My best friend.  She's my best friend and a cake baker.  She'll be baking it the day before in our kitchen at the condo.  Fun times to be had, I'm sure.  ;)

Got the chairs off eBay.

The Cake photo 3

I'll put our pictures in them.  :)


Bought these for Lisa and I to make for on the cake.

The Cake photo 4

Lay on the "cake table."  Have to paint them yet.

The Cake photo 5

Server set.  I'm going to change the ribbon, maybe add something.  Not sure.

The Cake photo 6

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I'm going with hot pink gerbera daisies with navy blue ribbons/accents.  Just getting one bouquet, one bout, and three corsages (my Mom, his Mom and step-Mom).

The Flowers photo 1The Flowers photo 2

The Flowers photo 3

Florist:  Ocean Greenery ... http://www.oceangreenery.com

My Mom gave me this for my something borrowed.  I'll pin it to the bouquet.

The Flowers photo 4


Bought both these to stick down into bouquet.  Once I get it, I'll play around and decide which ones to use.

The Flowers photo 5The Flowers photo 6


Bought these for a small toss bouquet.

The Flowers photo 7