Mar 27, 2010

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The Accesories photo 1The Accesories photo 2

My shoes are Carmen by Colorrifics and were under $50 thanks to a great coupon I found for  Shoes were a struggle since I needed snazzy shoes that wouldn't be too tall (the first two pairs were) seeing as my dress is just about the right length when I am barefoot. I just found these great vintage shoe clips at an antique shop last weekend for $2, too cool to pass up!

The Accesories photo 3The Accesories photo 4

I totally lucked out with both the earrings and the headband.  The earrings are Nadri and I found them at TJ Maxx and the headband came from Claire's and the both added some sparkle and complimented the sparkle on the belt of my dress.

The Accesories photo 5The Accesories photo 6

My veil holds a special place in my wedding.  I had it made from the lace and material from my mom's wedding dress.  It was simple and the edge had pearl buttons from the wedding dress as well.

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I woke up fairly early but felt well rested and I saw my mommy was awake so I went to crawl into bed with her to chat.  We got kinda loud because we woke up my sister and she threw her pillow at us!  Then it was time to roll out to get our hair done.  The salon was kind of quiet since none of us had had coffee or breakfast but my MOH's husband and the bridesmaid who wasn't getting hair done swung through Starbucks and brought us yummy food as hair was finishing up. 

Here's the before and after hair shots (we look a little less tired in the second)

Our Wedding Day photo 1Our Wedding Day photo 2Our Wedding Day photo 3

Then we headed back to the hotel to do makeup.  I am completely blessed to have a best friend/MOH who worked at the Calvin Klein makeup counter at Macy's.  She did a wonderful job on my makeup and then even did my sister's and my mom's as well as her own. 

Our Wedding Day photo 4

After makeup was done it was time to head over to the church to meet up with the photographer and change into dresses.  We had so much fun in the couple of hours before the wedding!  I didn't feel nervous at all and was super relaxed and just enjoying the whole experience.  I actually felt a sense of calm the whole day in addition to all the fun I was having.

I love the moments my photographer captured, even the one of me showing off my sticky cutlets (they totally did the trick, I highly recommend them) ;).  We did pictures with just me and the ladies and my family beforehand since Aaron wanted to see me for the first time coming down the aisle. 

Our Wedding Day photo 5Our Wedding Day photo 6Our Wedding Day photo 7Our Wedding Day photo 8Our Wedding Day photo 9Our Wedding Day photo 10Our Wedding Day photo 11Our Wedding Day photo 12

Okay, we had a tiny bit of liquid courage (more symbolical than anything, although the Jesus clock behind us did make us think twice :P)

Our Wedding Day photo 13Our Wedding Day photo 14

I do love the sibling and family pictures we took, I love my parents and brother and sister so much!

Our Wedding Day photo 15Our Wedding Day photo 16Our Wedding Day photo 17Our Wedding Day photo 18Our Wedding Day photo 19Our Wedding Day photo 20Our Wedding Day photo 21


As we continued to have fun (the boys were taking pictures) the church lady stuck her head in and it was time to roll.  I got an extra couple of minutes with just my mom and we both had to try not to cry since once one of us starts it usually gets the other one tearing up.

When I was ready to walk I stopped at the back of the church and just drank it all in for a good 30 seconds or so.  I highly recommend this to everyone, it makes for a fabulous memory.  The walk down the aisle was great and I only had a single tear roll down my cheek.  Then I hugged the parents and was ready to wed.

Our Wedding Day photo 22Our Wedding Day photo 23

Our Wedding Day photo 24Our Wedding Day photo 25

The ceremony was beautiful.  We had picked out the important parts to us and kept it fairly traditional but short and sweet.  I was very expressive with my vows and also apparently my volume was impressive.  Everyone who knows me just shook their heads and chuckled.  Aaron was happy and excited too but in his usually quiet calm way.

Our Wedding Day photo 26Our Wedding Day photo 27Our Wedding Day photo 28Our Wedding Day photo 29Our Wedding Day photo 30

Then we made it official in the back of the church, not sure why I love these so much but I do :)

Our Wedding Day photo 31Our Wedding Day photo 32

After that we took family pictures quickly and then headed off to the reception site to get some great shots before beginning the reception.

We walked around the grounds of Homestead and found some great niches to take pictures.  It is tough to pick just a few of my favorites so I will share a bunch!

Our Wedding Day photo 33Our Wedding Day photo 34Our Wedding Day photo 35Our Wedding Day photo 36Our Wedding Day photo 37Our Wedding Day photo 38

Our Wedding Day photo 39Our Wedding Day photo 40Our Wedding Day photo 41

Then we got some fun group shots before we got to cold and were ready to head inside.

Our Wedding Day photo 42Our Wedding Day photo 43Our Wedding Day photo 44Our Wedding Day photo 45

Oh and I can't forget the boys jumping shots from earlier in the day, hilarious!

Our Wedding Day photo 46Our Wedding Day photo 47

Then we went in and I had my MOH bustle me up (meanwhile my mommy needed to sew her "cutlets" in because they lost their stickiness...I helped cut the thread with my teeth). 

Our Wedding Day photo 48Our Wedding Day photo 49

Aaron and I did a quick practice in the "staging" area since we had totally forgotten to practice the whole first dance thing.  It was great to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. K and we went right into the first dance (totally recommend this too, get it done and out of the way plus you have everyone's attention).

Our Wedding Day photo 50Our Wedding Day photo 51

After that we watched our slideshow of us growing up, got a cocktail and then got to eat.  The food was fantastic, so yummy!  We got a lot of compliments on the choices we had and the quality/flavor of it all.  The main dish options were baron of beef or salmon and the sides included garlic mashed potatoes, pasta salad, green salad, and sourdough rolls.

Our Wedding Day photo 52Our Wedding Day photo 53Our Wedding Day photo 54

After we were done eating we walked around as people finished up to try to get a chance to talk to more of the guests.  Then it was time to cut the cake.  Oh man, the cake was the most delicious thing ever.  I'll let my series of pictures illustrate this:

Our Wedding Day photo 55Our Wedding Day photo 56Our Wedding Day photo 57Our Wedding Day photo 58

This is how it looked before it was demolished by eager guests, in fact I hear that after we left my bridesmaids started eating right off the cake with their was that good!

Our Wedding Day photo 59Our Wedding Day photo 60Our Wedding Day photo 61

After cake we did our parent dances (Me and Dad, Aaron and his mom) to What A Wonderful World by L. Armstrong

Our Wedding Day photo 62Our Wedding Day photo 63Our Wedding Day photo 64

The toasts were touching, my MOH let me preview hers so I wouldn't ball...I still teared up though.

Our Wedding Day photo 65

My dad kept his short and sweet (as I requested) but it was still enough to make me cry.

Our Wedding Day photo 66Our Wedding Day photo 67

Then with the seriousness out of the way we danced and schmoozed and enjoyed the reception until we headed out  (I was ready to go, totally wiped, earlier than I had expected...)

Hope you enjoyed my long winded recap.  PM me with questions and please if you use my pictures give my amazing photographer Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios credit!




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So on Wednesday my mom, dad, and sister flew in to the airport 2 hours away (ahhh the joys of living in a small town) and drove up to my place to spend the night.  I put dad in my tiny little one bedroom apartment and spent the night with Mommy and Lex in a hotel. 

The next morning we set out bright and early to drive up to the town I was getting married in (1 hour away).  We pulled into Aaron's place just as the UPS van was leaving and there was a sticky from them on the door saying we missed a package.  I was sure it was the flowers and had a mini panic over this since I was sure they would die :P.  Sent Aaron off to find the UPS guy and it turns out they were gift cards we needed to sign need to panic after all.  So an hour later the flowers did arrive.  We ordered from Costco and I highly recommend them to anyone considering them.  The bridal boquet, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages and bouts all arrived beautifully assembled and ready to go and the mini bouquet package I order for centerpieces were gorgeous (colorful, great variety of flowers) and an amazing deal (18 for $99!). 

Days before the Big Day photo 1Days before the Big Day photo 2

Spent the afternoon on Thursday running errands, putting together programs, and hanging out with Mommy, Lex, and my aunt Sally although there wasn't a ton of down time.  That evening the rest of the bridesmaids drove up and we did a mini bachelorette evening.  We went out to dinner and then they had decorated the hotel room we were crashing in.  We did a little bit of celebrating and I got some fun goodies but we were all in bed by 1 that night. 

Days before the Big Day photo 3


Friday I got up and went and worked out with my momma and then got ready to go get nails done.  All the girlies went and we had lots of fun sitting and chatting while we all took turns.  Then it was time to go decorate the church and rehearse.  I was kinda cranky at this point since lunch hadn't happened and I needed food.  After being force fed a banana my attitude improved :P. 

Days before the Big Day photo 4

Decorating was fun, not stressful since I already knew I wanted to keep things simple and focus on more details at the reception.  Rehearsal had a moment at the beginning that wasn't super great (dad was late :( ) but once we got going it went smoothly and we had fun.  My mom and I looked drunk as we practiced walking down the aisle since we were laughing/crying so hard.  We got it out of our system for the big day though so it was for the best.


The rehearsal dinner was great, Aaron's parents rented a cute old building looking out on the Puget Sound and all the out of town relatives were invited as well as the bridal party and immediate family.  We had yummy food and most of the adults shared some wisdom with us.  After it was over we schlepped back to the hotel, changed into comfy clothes and decorated!  I had so many helping hands and I knew what I wanted so it went quickly and looked fabulous (if I do say so myself).  Then I headed back to the room to hit the hay and was asleep shortly after 11.

Days before the Big Day photo 5

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Here is the cute church we found to get married at.  I love the laid back and home-y feeling I get when I am there and so far the people there have been so welcoming and nice!

The Ceremony photo 1

Here is the inside all decorated and ready to go the day of the ceremony:

The Ceremony photo 2

The programs, lovingly assembled by me, Mommy, Lexie, and Aunt Sally the Thursday before the wedding:

The Ceremony photo 3


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Handstamped OOT Bags:

The Extra Details photo 1

Thank Yous for gifts we get before the wedding:

The Extra Details photo 2


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Our fabulous photographer followed us around one of our favorite parts of the town we went to college in (Bellingham, WA).  I love the fall colors and the funky old buildings and most of all I love our photographer, Jen Owen from Jen Martin Studios for capturing us so well!

The Engagment Shoot photo 1The Engagment Shoot photo 2The Engagment Shoot photo 3The Engagment Shoot photo 4The Engagment Shoot photo 5The Engagment Shoot photo 6The Engagment Shoot photo 7The Engagment Shoot photo 8The Engagment Shoot photo 9The Engagment Shoot photo 10The Engagment Shoot photo 11The Engagment Shoot photo 12The Engagment Shoot photo 13The Engagment Shoot photo 14The Engagment Shoot photo 15