Sep 18, 2010

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  My name is Ashley Ireland and I am the soon to be Mrs. Provo! We are getting married on Saeptember 18, 2010!! My fiance and I have a 1year old son named Aiden Provo and he is our Pride and Joy! I really would love if poeple would give me GREAT advice on wedding information and honeymoon information as well. I am very creative and I would like to make some decorations of my own for our wedding! I need to start planning more and more! I am already stressed out about all the planning and all the money we have to spend! I want our Wedding to be PERFECT! but who doesn't?? Anyone with GREAT advice for my wedding.. please let me know. P.S. I want a Fall/ modern/ romantic style of wedding! My colors are going to be chocolate brown, Amber, orange, and maybe a dark yellow! Any suggestions??