Jul 17, 2010

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Our Cake Design

The cake will be 6 round tiers stacked on top of each other.  It will be covered in all white buttercream. 

The top of the cake will be roses.

mmmmm CAKE photo 1 

The 1st tier will be plain, while the 2nd tier will mimic the beading on the back of my dress.  The 3rd tier will be plain and then a 5 inch Swarovski crystal cake topper "D" will sit against the 4th tier.  The 5th tier will have a ribbon and a bow with a brooch.  The 6th tier will have vertical beading like the bottom of my dress.

Font: Isabella, Colors: Crystal


1st and 2nd Tiers: Chocolate Cake, Dark Chocolate Ganache and Peanut Butter Filling

3rd and 4th Tiers: Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

5th and 6th Tiers: Lemon Cake with Rasberry Filling


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Dress: David's Bridal Galina Signature SV9365

Here Comes the BRIDE photo 1Here Comes the BRIDE photo 2

Shoes: David's Bridal MACY

Here Comes the BRIDE photo 3

Hair Inspirations

Here Comes the BRIDE photo 4 Here Comes the BRIDE photo 5

Bracelet by Dana Saylor

Here Comes the BRIDE photo 6

Garters by GarterLady on Etsy

Here Comes the BRIDE photo 7Here Comes the BRIDE photo 8


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Wedding Avatar Gallery - Bridal Widget Gallery - Bride Icon Gallery

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A product thumbnail of Stretch Satin Dress in ivory,default,pd.html?cgid=cl26


Rehearsal Style photo 1DSW - Zigi Soho Gloria Satin Platform Sandal

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Invitations photo 1 My first idea of traditional invites: Gleam by Rexcraft

Invitations photo 2 

These are my custom invite proofs from Tammy at Marry Me! Designs

They will be backed in silver or pink to match and the invite will have 2 crystals on each side of the and at the top and 2 crystals in the same position on the bottom. I am still deciding on the ink color...I am between black and charcoal/gray/silver.

UPDATE: I have decided on white paper with 2 layers of paper (silver and then white) to create borders! The ink will be gray/silver so that it is not as harsh.  I will post pictures of the final products :)


Invitations photo 3Invitations photo 4

Invitations photo 5

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Save the Dates photo 1

Our save the dates created on Shutterfly! They were so cheap ($53 for 125 after $20 off) and came out amazing.