Aug 14, 2010

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Well I have been everywhere and for everything we want they were charging us $8 per invitation!! So we have decided to make our own. However, I dont have any programs, cool fonts, etc on my computer!! I looked into pink design events but she is still on maternity leave.  After searching I came across Say I DO Designs!!! Love them!! Below is our monogram.  They are designing our invitations, menu cards and building us a website.  You can also have people RSVP on the site!!! Soooo Excited=)

Invitations and More photo 1 or you can follow them on twitter

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We have booked our Florist!!! We are going with Magnolia Florist.  She looked very familiar to me and than it hit me she was on bridezilla!! lol.. My florist has done weddings at the Mission Inn and that was very important to us.  I am very excited because they do AMAZING work!

Bouquet Ideas for myself that I love

Flowers photo 1Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5

Gorgeous Centerpieces!!!!

We will be having 20 centerpieces total.

10 tall centerpieces mixed with different shades of reds just like below.

Flowers photo 6Flowers photo 7Flowers photo 8

The other 10 will have tall cylinders with colored champagne water with a floating candle just like below.

Flowers photo 9Flowers photo 10

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wedding website

My page is private because I dont want my fiance to come across this and see my dress. Please add me if you would like to see everything! =)

Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 1Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 2

Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 3Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 4

I am sooo excited to marry my bestfriend!!! Victor and I have been together for 5 years and we have shared so many wonderful memories together. We have a "son" together named Cru Jones (our dog) lol..     Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 5Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 6

I thought I would join to have previous brides and present brides give me ideas and hopefully I can do the same.

Our Engagement 6/26/09

Victor was taking me out to dinner for my birthday and he said he wanted to suprise me because I do all the planning everytime. So he took me to Duke's in Huntington Beach it was a really good place and beautiful view.  We walked along the pier and did a little shopping.  He was so nervous towards the end and he told me that he had my gift and to close my eyes and hold out both hands.  Finally I opened them and there was a BEAUTIFUL ring!!Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 7 45ec54759a89d33b8dc74904b1a29f7_s" alt="Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 8" />I was in complete shock!! Of course I said yes and right away called my family. 

Our Venue

 The Historic Mission Inn in Riverside, CA

As soon as my mom and I drove up I knew this was the place that we were going to get married!! We walked around and I got so overwhelmed with joy.  I took Victor, my dad and stepmom with me the next day and they knew this was the place as well.

Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 9Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 10Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 11Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 12

Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 13Soon to be Mrs Herrera photo 14