Nov 11, 2010

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I am so excited to be getting married.  My fiance & I met at a basketball game & it was instant luv!...ok, so maybe it was infatuation at first, but the luv definitely did not take long to kick in.  It actually took 3 dates for him to tell me that he was going to marry one day.  What did I think??  "Yeah, sure buddy!  I've heard it all!" To my surprise, it soon dawned on me that he was right.  Although I didn't admit this to him for a while, I knew that I wanted no one else in my life.  He was truly my Prince Charming...ok, yeah I know that sounds cheesy, but really, after all those "frogs" I kissed, he deserves the title!  =) 

So now after 3 years of dating, we are finally getting married & I cannot wait to start the planning process.  I can't wait to become his wife & soon...the mother of his children.  I want the dream wedding, the everlasting memories, and the happily ever after!  Call me crazy, but I'll do whatever it takes to achieve that. 

Even though I can't stop watching all those wedding shows, I'm looking forward to spending some time online, gathering ideas & advise from other brides on PW.