Aug 20, 2010

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i met my handsome fiance on a thursday night on april 16, 2009. it was kinda kool the way we met. my cousin was getting married to a man in two days and his grooms man were coming down for 2 days and i was excited to meet them. at the time i was unhappily single and i really wanted a cute guy to love me. so after school i came home and went downstairs to play on the computor till the groomsman got there. when my cousin came downstairs she told me only one of the grooms man would be coming over that night and she told me i wouldnt like him. well she was wrong. when i heard that he was finally there i snuck upstairs to see why i wouldnt like him and the minute i saw him i knew he was amazing. so i went in the livingroom and sat on the other end of the couch from him. he was cute and funny and he looked so sweet. when i told my cousin i liked him she preceeded to lock me in a room with him and we preceeded to have the most akward  conversation of our lives. i couldnt shake the urgent feeling of wanting to run to his lap and hug him. we preceed to talk over the next two days and we really hit it off. we started dating and now we are only 8 months from our wedding.