Dec 31, 2010

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Our Save the Dates, courtesy of Vistaprint's 100 free postcards. I'm very pleased with how they turned out! 

Save the Dates photo 1Save the Dates photo 2

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I haven't started much planning yet, but these are just a few of the pictures I have collected for inspiration and ideas. Unfortunately I did not keep track of where these photos came from--so let me know who to give credit to!


Our colors will be Chocolate Brown, Red, and Gold/Champange.


Inspiration photo 1Inspiration photo 2Inspiration photo 3Inspiration photo 4Inspiration photo 5Inspiration photo 6

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Matt and I met and grew close while in Chamber Choir together in college. It was both our first year in this select choir and on the first tour of the year during the long van rides our friendship grew. Once we returned to school we began hanging out more and more. Once he finally convinced himself that it was okay to date me (I had previously dated one of his close friends), we began dating in December 2007. We enjoyed two years together at school before Matt graduated. Now we are in a long distance relationship while I am at school in Nebraska and he lives at home in Colorado.

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Rebecca: I am currently a senior in college, majoring in Secondary Education with emphases in English and Vocal Music. I'm spending the summer planning our wedding long-distance from the St. Louis area while preparing for my student teaching semester next fall! 


Matt: Matt graduated in May 2009 with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He is currently living with his parents and recently got a job with a software company that specializes in accounting software. 

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We re engaged photo 1

Thanksgiving 2009


Matt proposed on November 21, 2009 while I was visiting Colorado over my Thanksgiving break. After a midday hike near his family's home in Littleton, CO. We returned to his car to return home and he opened the trunk of his car. In the trunk was a jewelry box he made for me with the beautiful ring inside!


We re engaged photo 2

We re engaged photo 3


We are planning a December 31, 2010 wedding in Aurora, CO.